The 5 Best Free VPNs To Secure All Your Devices

You can access the Internet more privately and securely with a Virtual Private Network (VPN) through an encrypted connection.  If you want to use their secure server network, most VPN companies charge a fee. Some VPN companies, on the other hand, provide a free connection.

Free VPNs usually come with certain limitations. Paid VPNs, on the other hand, are more secure and provide additional features, such as unlimited bandwidth, unlimited speeds, great customer care, and access to streaming services from all over the world.

There are a few reliable solutions if a free VPN is really what you want. Although you may encounter data limits or speed caps. The 5 best VPN services listed below are generally recommended and absolutely free.

1.iTop VPN

If you’re looking for a free VPN, iTop VPN is a good choice. Same as its paid version, the free version is compatible with Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS devices. You can download VPN for PC with extra security features and enjoy ads-free experience compared to the mobile VPN. The website is straightforward to read, installation is quick and the user interface is simple and friendly for everybody to use.

You can choose from all of iTop VPN’s 100 fast servers in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Japan, and Australia for free. Sling TV, Pluto TV, and other streaming services are unblocked by iTop VPN for free, too. However, you must subscribe to its paid plan to use the VPN on P2P networks.

The bandwidth limit of iTop VPN is 20 GB per month, which is sufficient for most people to surf the internet and unblock geo-restricted apps as long as people don’t watch streaming videos or download torrents all day. 

The bandwidth limit of iTop VPN is 20 GB per month, which is sufficient for most people to surf the internet and unblock geo-restricted apps as long as people don’t watch streaming videos or download torrents all day. It’s a no-log VPN with security features like Kill Switch, browser history clearing, and ads blocker, and you won’t have to worry about your privacy.


ProtonVPN is in the best VPN providers list. Its free version has no data limits, which is unusual among free VPN providers. There are no speed limits either. It means you can use this VPN for as long as you want for whatever you want on the Internet.

Although ProtonVPN’s free version does not have a speed limit, it can be quite slow at times. Given how many people use the restricted number of free ProtonVPN servers, this makes sense. Moreover, ProtonVPN does not support torrent downloads and will not grant you access to Netflix; you will have good success with Proton’s paid servers in unblocking foreign Netflix libraries.

ProtonVPN’s free version allows you to connect to servers in three countries: the United States, Japan, and the Netherlands. For some users, the small number of servers available may be a problem. provides both paid and free subscriptions free subscription provides access to five servers in four countries: Germany, Canada, the Netherlands as well as the United States. For free users, there is no speed limit. also works on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Android, Linux, and Fire TV. is a no-log VPN that the provider does not keep track of your online activities, which is great news for privacy-conscious users.’s free version also allows you access to 24/7 customer service. previously banned users from using the free version to download torrents. However, this policy has changed, and now free users can download via torrent sites. However, when downloading, keep in mind the monthly data restriction of 10GB.

  1. Windscribe

One of the well-known free VPNs we tested is Windscribe. Windscribe’s free version contains fewer features than the paid version. Windscribe offers ten free servers in various places across the world to its users. In comparison, the paid option allows you to access servers from up to 63 countries. Besides, Windscribe has fast and stable servers.

This free VPN service has 2GB of data a month.  You can get 10 GB a month if you share your email address with Windscribe and verify your account.

Windscribe’s usability is a disadvantage in that the software isn’t as user-friendly as some of the other free VPN services mentioned before. Additionally, we were unable to get Netflix to work with Windscribe.


PrivadoVPN is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, Android, and Android TV devices. PrivadoVPN also includes a FireStick app, allowing you to use it on a variety of smart TVs. Finally, it has Netflix support, which is unique for a free VPN service.

As long as you stay within the monthly 10GB data limit, PrivadoVPN gives unlimited speeds. You can continue to use PrivadoVPN after your monthly data limit has been used up and only can connect to one server at lower speeds, but you’ll still be safe and anonymous.

Furthermore, given that this is a free VPN, there are many server locations to pick from, including London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, and Miami. PrivadoVPN Free includes an automatic kill switch as well. It is an important security element that is often only available in paid VPN services.   

Free VPN vs. Paid VPN

As you can see, the majority of good free VPNs have data limits. Because operating VPN servers and VPN connections cost money, free VPN users are restricted in this way. Data limits allow the provider to let you try out their VPN service without paying excessive costs.

Paid VPN services are more likely to guarantee your privacy. They also provide a higher level of protection as well as a number of other features; for example, paid VPN connections are usually faster. You may use many connections at once, and you have a better chance of finding free streaming services from other countries and downloading torrents safely.

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