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The 4th Annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival is Back In-Person

Research indicates that the United States is home to the majority of podcast listeners (47.9% to be exact). Of that number, approximately 13% are Black and listen to podcasts regularly, and 10% of these listeners also create their own podcast. Afros & Audio™ serves this demographic of independent podcast creatives and audio professionals and is committed to the overall success of Black creatives in the global podcast market.

In 2022, the podcasting industry is improving its efforts to be more inclusive and accessible to independent creatives and professionals. In spite of this, more equitable initiatives are necessary and possible. The podcasting sector, like many others in the media, could do more in its efforts to dismantle and combat gatekeeping when it comes to accessing marketing opportunities, funding, and information.

Often, independent podcasters who don’t have a preexisting high visibility platform find it difficult to sustain their podcast endeavors and thrive due to these disparities. As a result, many Black podcasters are limited in their ability to achieve benchmark successes due to a lack of financial opportunities, production resources, or skill-building support. The Afros & Audio Podcast Festival seeks to rectify this imbalance by providing Black podcast creatives and audio professionals a meeting ground where they can network, gain access to brands, and gain insight from one another’s experiences.

4th annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival 

After three successful years, the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival is happy to finally host their event back in person. The conference will take place on October 22nd and 23rd, 2022, at the Warwick Rittenhouse Square Hotel in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and on the Whova Conferencing Platform. The festival brings together the global community of independent Black podcast creators and audio professionals. 

At the Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, attendees will have the opportunity to celebrate the progress of the Black podcasting community, as well as identify funding and resources for podcast development and sustainability. Attendees will also discover methods for advancing their professional and entrepreneurial goals, as well as understand trends and predictions for the podcast industry.

 In 2022, Afros & Audio’s mission is still clear:

  • Build an inclusive and accessible community that encourages and fosters collaboration.
  • Create a networking experience unlike any other podcast event where attendees, speakers, volunteers, moderators, and our leadership team feel valued, supported, and celebrated.
  • Bring together independent Black podcast creatives and professionals to learn and teach skills that will enable us to demand an equal playing field in the global podcast market.

This year, Afros & Audio is planning a unique mix of educational and social events with the goal of connecting aspiring, new, and veteran independent podcast creatives and audio professionals with relevant opportunities to start and maintain their podcasts and/or podcast-related services or products.

Final Thoughts 

The goal of the fourth annual Afros & Audio Podcast Festival, which will be hosted in Philadelphia, is to create a welcoming environment where members of the Black podcasting community can network and learn from one another. The festival will provide all those who attend with invaluable skill building and networking opportunities in a relatable environment. Every aspect of the festival aligns with Afros & Audio’s core values and is cemented in their work towards ownership, building self-sustaining opportunities, and an understanding that community and collaboration can create a win/win impact on the podcast industry. This year’s sponsorship partners are Libsyn, Disctopia, Heil, PodPros, and More Sauce.

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