The 4 Coolest Pet Gadgets

Are you always on the cutting edge of the newest tech gadget? Are you always lining up for the newest drone model or iPhone release?

If so, don’t leave out your pets! There are fantastic gadgets, doodads, and technical toys for the furry friend in your life!

Check out these wonders and discover a new world of fun!

#1 Video Caller

Pick up a video caller you can set up at home to have video chats with your pet.

This device plugs right into your home outlet, so it is at eye level with your pooch or kitty. Using an app, you can directly call the device and get two-way video calling so you can have a chat from anywhere with your pet.

If you have an ESA Registration, this can be a great way to stay in touch when you need to be apart from your special buddy.

Plus, you can keep an eye on your pet when you’re at work to make sure everything is OK. Relieve your worries about what happens when you’re gone.

#2 Smart Doggie Door

Traditional flappy dog and cat doors are pretty mediocre inventions. They allow in other animals, and they are unsightly. Not to mention, they are bad for the environment.

But a smart door links up to an RFID chip on your pet’s collar. Much like pulling into your garage, clicking your remote, and opening the door, the doggie door only opens when in proximity to the chip.

For example, if your dog has the chip, but your cat does not, there’ll be no more unwanted escapes!

Save yourself from unwanted critters and lower your energy bill with a smart doggie door!

#3 Animal GoPro

GoPros are all the rage, from skydiving to mountain biking, to underwater adventures. But the next big thing is animal viewpoints!

Ever wonder what your outdoor cat gets up to when you’re not around? Pontificate no longer. Discover where all those birds and mice come from that your feline brings you as presents.

You can attach a camera to your animal’s collar or set up a rig on its back and see life like your cat sees it. Just make sure you use a durable device that stands up to dirt, water, and whatever else your buddy gets while you’re away.

#4 Activity Monitor

Look at your wrist! Are you wearing a Fit Bit, Apple Watch, or another health tracker?

Keep tabs on your pet’s daily health with an activity monitor. Just as you try to get your steps for the day, your animal has benchmarks it needs to hit to stay healthy.

When you know how much your pet is exercising (or not exercising), you can tailor a plan to keep them hale and hearty for years to come.


Pets need to keep their minds active and interested. By introducing new devices into their life, not only are you having fun, but you are stimulating the brain of your best friend.

Gadgets aren’t just for humans.

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