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The 2 Most Common Problems Associated with Ecommerce and Best Solutions for Them

Every business needs an eCommerce store as a key to retail growth. Moreover, before 2022 ends, eCommerce is expected to control over 18% of the industry. However, over the last decades, digital commerce has witnessed several eCommerce challenges.

Entrepreneurs need to implement intelligent digital retail practices to address these challenges and emerge as a leader in the eCommerce sector. However, these practices alone may not help manage all the eCommerce problems. 

Read through to discover the most common eCommerce challenges and the easy ways to overcome them for you to lead in the eCommerce space.

Problems Associated with E-commerce 

  • Exploding Customer Expectations

Most retailers worldwide constantly try to build their reputation to capture more customers. Others are creating a sharp image for their brand to become outstanding amidst the high competition. The main objective is to promise customers great experiences. 

However, in this era, where experience matters the most, it is challenging to match customer expectations. This challenge arises from the competition with big technology giants such as Shopify. Here, buying goods and services online is at the proverbial ‘next level’ with unbeatable shipping methods. 

Retailers find it challenging to compete with these giants and match the ever-evolving demands of the customers today. More than 85% of buyers can easily give extra money for a better experience, with over 88% willing to start their own business. Thus, they can turn into severe competitors because of poor understanding.


Brands should start the analysis of eCommerce to meet the customers’ expectations, hence, a more excellent user experience. Therefore, the company should develop a personalized customer experience for better results. Let the customers feel unique, valued, and acknowledged from the start of using the software. To facilitate customer connection, send them notification alerts and update them on new products continually.

  • Data Security

A company’s success entirely depends on solid eCommerce security. There is a high-security concern arising from the increasing use of eCommerce. Thus, making data security one of the pressing e-commerce issues. 

In most cases, hackers and fraudsters tend to threaten to attack the host server. That way, they can gain access to and steal confidential data and induce viruses in your software. So we recommend you get extremely careful with your data consistently.

Customers may also lose trust due to breaches of the information on credit and debit cards. This issue is becoming common and needs a lot of care. 

Another threat hackers use to gain sensitive information from customers is phishing. Here, they pretend to be the company sending requests to customers for them to disclose their sensitive details.

These data security threats leave many users skeptical about using eCommerce websites. Hence, the question of the protection of identity and transaction details. Thus, reducing the number of customers using eCommerce services.


Every business operating with eCommerce technology should prioritize security. That way, the brand will maintain a high reputation and attract repeat customers. Use steps such as Switching to HTTPS protocols with third-party payment processing systems which are credible and obtaining PCI DSS for accreditation. Also, implement the Firewall software and plugins to offer protection against injections like SQL and cross-site scripting to escape from suspicious networks.


E-commerce is a feature of every business. In this blog post, however, we have discovered that eCommerce has many associated challenges. All these issues have ways to overcome them. 

In addition, we recommend that you pay attention when choosing software for a business. For instance, Shopify would make the best choice. It uses the koala inspector which is leading in solving X problems all Shopify merchants face while buying products online.

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