The $117 million Private Sale, PumaPay’s token, PMA, is listed on HitBTC for Convenient Crypto/Fiat Trading

PumaPay token (PMA) has been listed on HitBTC, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, as announced by Decentralized Vision, the blockchain company that developed PumaPay PullPayment Protocol. The trading of PMA/BTC and PMA/ETH pairs started from August 8, 2018. The listing price of the token was 50,000 PMA/ETH, the same rate that PumaPay token was available during the private sale earlier this year.

The whole cryptocurrency journey began when Satoshi Nakamoto first invented Bitcoin. The main goal of Bitcoin was to replace the already less efficient fiat currency. This was achieved to a certain extent; at least to the extent of scaring several governments into banning Bitcoin entirely. The main problem that Bitcoin faced was the scalability issue.

The Proof of work mining consensus is not very efficient. As the number of transactions on the Bitcoin network increased, the miners fee that you had to pay also increased rapidly. Additionally, it sometimes took days for one transaction to get confirmed. This was not acceptable for making a transaction at a local vendor. Hence, new blockchain projects have been offering to solve this problem. Pumapay, by far,  is the most promising one of them all.

Pumapay and its Special features.

Pumapay is a blockchain protocol that offers a decentralized payment processing service through its PullPayment protocol. This means that the way you pay at a merchant store will get better. The payment processing methodology will become more efficient. Pumapay offers extremely fast transaction speeds but with an extremely low fee. This implies that the day of cryptocurrencies replacing traditional currency is indeed close at hand.

The entire hype surrounding Pumapay is due to the PullPayment protocol that it incorporates into its system. The way the PullPayment protocol works is by the merchant first sending the request to the customer with the exact amount that the customer needs to pay. The customer will then get notified about the pull request sent by the merchant. If the customer approves the request, then the tokens are transferred to the merchant’s wallet and the customer gets the product or the service that he/she bought. This ensures quick and cheap payment.

Pumapay gets listed on HitBTC

This news went viral on social media when it was released. HitBTC is one of the top 10 highly used cryptocurrency exchanges in the world right now with over 150 different tradable digital assets on its platform. The volume of transactions that it processes and the liquidity that it offers is truly magnificent. By listing Pumapay on HitBTC, the liquidity of the cryptocurrency is going to be enormous due to its huge popularity. The PMA token will have both BTC as well as ETH trading pairs. Thereby, giving users more trading options.

The best part of Pumapay(PMA) being listed on HitBTC is that PMA will be available at the same price that it was available at during its ICO crowd sale. This is a major advantage for all the people who missed out on getting their hands on the token during the crowd sale and can now do so on HitBTC at exactly the same price. You will receive 50,000 PMA for 1 ETH. This price is not going to last long. Once the big whales get into the party, the price of PMA is going to skyrocket.

Loved by Early Adopters:

Ranked as the 7th largest ICO by CryptoCompare, over 50 global companies have already agreed to implement the payment protocol as their payment method. Among PumaPay’s Early Adopters are reputable names such as Fashion TV, Rent24, ImLive, Vivid Entertainment, ExposeBox,, and MojoHost, to name a few. Paumapay is by far the most promising cryptocurrency to be used on a daily basis. By getting listed on HitBTC, the coin gets a larger exposure, also helping it gain more traction and liquidity.

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