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Travel Insurance

One of the most exotic destinations that we can think of for a trip of pleasure or recreation is Thailand, without a doubt an adventure in all its form, it has unique places for all tastes, from paradisiacal beaches to majestic temples.

However, travel insurance for Thailand is essential and should have some essential coverage to be calm in the face of any setback that may arise, especially in health issues.

Thailand has a staff of hospitals with good technology and up-to-date science, and medical care, according to the experience of some regular visitors, is quite acceptable.

Type of insurance to travel to Thailand

Many insurers offer complete insurance packages for primary health care and even life insurance. Basically, the types of insurance are divided into two broad categories: Health insurance with primary and secondary medical care and the other is comprehensive medical insurance, also called comprehensive medical insurance.

Below, we will go into a little more detail, what it comprises, each type of insurance.

Health insurance with primary medical care

It is a medical insurance that covers primary care, some operations due to accidental events, coverage of medical examinations and medications or equipment to be used for medical care. This type of insurance has a lower cost compared to comprehensive insurance.

Comprehensive health insurance against all risks

With this type of insurance, you have coverage for all the different variables of medical care, both primary and secondary, it also includes hospitalization and emergency operations if necessary. Some insurance companies offer life insurance as a complement to this policy.

What conditions should travel medical insurance have?

We all like to have peace of mind knowing that if anything happens to us thousands of miles from home, we will be treated in the best hospitals, the best doctors, and without having to advance a single dollar, euro, or the respective currency.

On this basis, a good Thailand travel insurance should include:

  • High medical coverage: In my opinion, a good travel insurance to Thailand should have adequate coverage for that destination, it could be established at a minimum of 10 thousand dollars as an initial base of the amount of coverage up to $500,000 in coverage.
  • Not having to advance a single additional coin: For any test or intervention, health is the most important thing! In some travel insurance there are excesses, in others you have to advance the money and after a lot of paperwork try to get the insurance to return it to you. The best thing is to have everything covered and without the need to advance anything.
  • Repatriation or transport of the sick or deceased: Okay, obviously we don’t go on a trip thinking that something like this could happen, but what if it does? The cost of repatriating a deceased person by plane is very high! The same if we are sick and want to return to be treated or operated on in our own country, in those cases you need a medical team on the plane, a stretcher to transport you…
  • Early return due to hospitalization or death of a family member: It is very important that it covers 100% of the return home to be able to return as soon as possible wherever we are.
  • Private liability: This point sometimes goes unnoticed, but for us the best travel insurance has to have high coverage at this point.

Best Thailand Travel Insurance

Thailand has very good hospitals, especially in Bangkok. In fact, on the website of the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs they recommend you to travel to Thailand if, for example, you fall ill in Cambodia.

We can go to these hospitals in case of any setback that arises during our trip, we always consult these things before making a trip to be aware of what to do in case we need medical assistance.

You must ensure that if any event of health breakdown or accidental unforeseen events happens to you, you will have the proper attention, because patients on the other side of the world want to be treated in the best hospitals.

Things to keep in mind

These hospitals are not public and universal for everyone as it happens in many countries in Europe or the USA, so it is necessary to have good insurance during our trip, because first class health is private and expensive in Thailand.

We recommend that you don’t skimp on insured medical coverage before traveling to Southeast Asia, plus if you spend a few days in Singapore, Cambodia or Indonesia, we’ll also have you covered.

To help you decide on your best travel insurance, we recommend you to visit the website:, you will be able to find a lot of articles of great help when you decide to take out travel insurance.

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