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Textile Transfer Paper Market Report By Opportunities & Challenges in Near Future with Different Segments

Textile Transfer Paper Market

Textile Transfer Paper Market Forecast 2021–2031 by Paper Type (Coated, Uncoated), Product (Tacky, Non-tacky), End Use (Fashion, Sportswear, Soft Signage), and Region – There has been a considerable growth in demand for high grade textiles as consumers’ purchasing power has increased around the world. Compared to other technologies such as direct printing and thermal transfer printing, dye sublimation textile transfer printing provides better print quality and durability.

According to the latest data from Future Industry Insights, the textile transfer paper market will generate $632.1 million in sales in 2020. (FMI). By 2031, the global textile transfer paper market is estimated to reach US$ 1,292.8 million, with a CAGR of 6.4 percent for the years 2021-31.

Thermal transfer printed textiles are less durable, and the print quality is affected by a variety of conditions such as frequent washing or heat, among others. Dye sublimation transfer printing, on the other hand, is not only immune to these elements, but also more durable and high-quality.

As a result, manufacturers are increasingly turning to the dye sublimation transfer printing method to meet the growing demand for high-end fabrics. Manufacturers’ rising preference for dye sublimation textile transfer printing over traditional thermal transfer printing is expected to boost demand for the target product.

Textile Transfer Paper Market Demand for Customization

The dye sublimation transfer printing method is extremely accurate, thus it’s critical to use papers with precise thickness (GSM), paper type, and product type specifications for high-quality printing.

To acquire the most market share, manufacturers are looking for technologies that will enable them to give a perfect blend of all three features as per the customer’s requirements. Customers are especially concerned about the quality of the papers because dye sublimation transfer printing is more expensive than other options.

The Most Important Takeaways from the Textile Transfer Paper Market

During the period 2021-2031, the 60 – 90 GSM textile transfer paper segment is expected to develop at a significant pace of 7.3 percent. This is mostly due to its broad compatibility with a wide range of end uses.

As a result of its growing appeal among small companies in the market, coated paper is predicted to hold a significant 74.2 percent value share in 2031 when compared to other paper types.
As a result of substantial efforts by governments and manufacturers to improve the textile sector in these countries, the markets in South Asia and East Asia are growing at CAGRs of 9.5 percent and 7.3 percent, respectively.

COVID-19’s Impact on the Textile Transfer Paper Market

The COVID-19 epidemic had a significant negative impact on the textile transfer paper market. One of the key causes for the product’s lack of supply in the market is logistical and human constraints in the production sector.

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