Tetrabyte: 4 Ways to Tighten Cyber-Security in Your Office

Although the modern office doesn’t tend to store data on the premises, information can be leaked in other ways.

Digital crime has been rising on a steady course for the last few years. Whether we like it or not, storing consumer data online will always attract the types of people who want to steal that data, often for nefarious purposes. 

If you are the kind of Company that stores data in your Offices, then that opens you up to an even more significant worry. Every computer with access to your data storage system is a potential threat. Each access portal to that data is a cyber-security risk. 

Since we know that a data breach scandal can cost your company both in terms of money and reputation let’s look at ways to improve cybersecurity.

Four ways to tighten Cyber-Security in your Office

With all the above in mind, we caught up with managed IT Support Company Tetrabyte, who are experienced in dealing with cyber-security. We wanted to know what their top tips were for providing a safer Office experience. 

Here’s what the Tetrabyte experts had to say about improving in-office security in the digital world…

1- Choose a Certified Firm

If you outsource your IT department because you own a small business, make sure that the company you outsource to has the certification to prove its ability in preventing cybercrime. 

This amounts to searching through IT support firms that take part in the national Cyber Essentials scheme in the UK. These firms have been tried and tested for security and have passed the Government’s exam.

2- Install an excellent protective software

Offices that handle sensitive information should be protected by an anti-virus system capable of detecting and terminating threats as they arise. An excellent protective software should include a firewall, which will act as a barrier to prevent outside attacks from landing. 

There are big names in anti-virus for you to choose from. Opt for something like Norton, Avira, or Avast. TechRadar has a good list.

3- Avoid suspicious Emails

If your team regularly receives suspicious messages inviting them to look at links, something may have gone wrong somewhere. Make sure all your devices are up to date, that you have contacted your IT team and forwarded them the emails, and that you have a firewall up and running. 

Strange emails can be made to appear like work emails; avoid opening them at all costs. If you do open it, avoid clicking the links. Make this Office policy.

4- Establish Office IT Guidelines

Lastly, establishing a clear code of conduct regarding cyber-security will help you maximize your Office Security. This is a great way to teach staff how to handle suspicious communications and improve staff morale since they will feel protected.

Stay Safe Online

If you want to learn more about staying safe online, contact the Tetrabyte Team who will advise you on how to improve your cyber-security.

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