testFRWD Americas Officially Launches With The Introduction of identyME

The Introduction of identyME

testFRWD has continued their global campaign for innovative test validation and the company recently announced the launch of testFRWD Americas (TFA) in the U.S.with the introduction of identyME, an end-to-end tech solution to one of the biggest challenges in healthcare technology – delivering and managing the integrity and legitimacy of the self-testing process. identyME is a fully digital, scalable, and simple “test anywhere” certification and test-result verification system for rapid Antigen and Antibody and PCR testing platforms, allowing seamless and easy integration into any application, entry control system, or health passport.

We are incredibly fortunate to have a proven solution to address the issue of validation for Antigen & Antibody and PCR tests. testFRWD’s technology, identyME, dramatically improves the integrity of COVID-19 testing by utilizing digital identification technology and artificial intelligence, giving people the ability to test anywhere. We are proud Maryland will be the first in the country to offer a solution to ensure the safety of our residents” – Senator Ron Watson, Ph.D.

The Launch Of testFRWD In the United States

The introduction of the technology in the United States immediately brings unmatched integrity and convenience to the COVID-19 self-testing processes and market, solving existing and emerging problems with fake test kits, certificates, testing sites, and websites. 

TFA recently announced a  partnership with 1st  Choice Testing, a Community Testing & Wellness company operating testing sites in 10 states, to introduce the identyME testing solution. Four locations are scheduled to launch in February, with the inaugural TFA Test Anywhere to be held at Walmart in Bowie, MD, making Maryland the first state in the country to deliver the secure digital health solution to its citizens.

“It is this type of work, dedication, and support of our state that has resulted in Madeline Long and her company receiving proclamations and citations from the city of Bowie, the Governor of the state of Maryland and the Maryland State Senate recognizing their commitment to our citizens, businesses, and communities.” – Councilman Henri Gardner, City of Bowie.

testFRWRD Partnership Across The Globe

testFRWD identyME is certified and approved in the E.U. and is currently available in 26 E.U. member states. As part of its global reach, the company has also partnered with Amadeus, a worldwide leader in travel technology to provide identyME  to travel agents, airlines and travelers using the Amadeus software.

Public Health England recently accredited testFRWD’s as a COVID-19 testing solution to provide doctor-certified “FIT2FLY” certificates. The solution provides travelers who test negative for COVID-19 using testFRWD’s identityME app a fit-to-fly travel certificate, signed and verified by a doctor for a 24 to 48 hour timeframe, enabling them to travel freely domestically and internationally.

This is the first product launch in the United States since joining forces in January, creating this global digital health alliance with testFRWD. We envision radically transforming the cumbersome testing processes of today into convenient processes that are location agnostic, readily accessible, and verifiable.” – Madeline Long, CEO of TFA and Chairwoman of Meaco Konnect. 

Today’s announcement further extends the global reach of the testFRWD brand and technology as we expand into new channels as part of a rapid testing alliance with testFWRD Americas,” – Veit-Ander Aichbichler, Co-Founder and CEO of testFRWD. 

For further information about identyME and other groundbreaking solutions from testFRWD, visit Facebook and Instagram.

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