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Test your mobile app with pCloudy

Millions of mobile apps are there in the apps market today and thousands of new apps are uploaded to the apps market every year. Mobile apps are one of the main channels to bring revenues for the business. Your mobile app should have the capability and abilities to provide the customers with easy, fast and satisfying services to beat similar apps and to generate decent revenue with good numbers of new and repeated customers. Have you tested the performance of the mobile app before it is made available for download on the apps stores? If not, make use of pCloudy, one of the best and most trusted cloud-based platforms to test mobile apps.

Test IOS and Android Apps

IOS apps are easy to test and can use manual testing since only a few devices are available on the market. But on the other hand, performance testing of Android apps is really challenging because of the presence of different devices, resolutions, and screen sizes available in the market. It is unrealistic and impractical to check the app on all of the devices. Here comes the importance of automated testing and fortunately you have pCloudy for the purpose. 

It provides more than 5000 device-browser combinations to conduct testing on real Android and IOS devices. Since this is developed on the cloud platform, you can check the mobile apps with manual and automated testing through this platform, at anytime from anywhere. Here are some of the important features that make pCloudy one of the most trusted and reliable mobile app testing platforms. 

Support manual and automation testing 

You can make use of popular and effective app testing tools like Calabash, Appium, etc. to test both IOS and Android apps. These tools are compatible with pCloudy and it helps you run parallel scripts to level up the automation process. 

Certifaya – artificial intelligence 

pCloudy has own testing bot powered by artificial intelligence which is a step ahead in performance than the other automated testing tools and formats. Make use of it to save good time and generate and analyze the performance reports and to send the same directly to email ID. 

Parallel testing with ‘Follow Me’

This is one of the wow features provided by pCloudy for the users. Enjoy these features to increase the speed of app testing process by testing the apps with 3 unique device platforms. These tests can be conducted on a single device to save testing time multi-folds.

Easy integration 

pCloudy app testing platform is so easy to integrate with the famous testing frameworks and it has developed plugins to make the integration easier on different popular CI platforms. 

Other important features include local site testing, functional and network testing, and chrome debugger. Make sure that your mobile app is powerful and effective enough with a cluster of user-friendly futures to get a good place on most of the Android and IOS devices. 

Make use of pCloudy app testing platform to test your mobile app to identify the bugs and to fix it before the app is aired to mobile app markets. 

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