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Teslafan Decentralized Crowdfunding Platform Brings Decentralized AI/ML/DL to Blockchain

This is the time when technological development has taken another major leap, with new, emerging technologies promising to change the world as we know it. Everything, from Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and even Blockchain technology, promise to revolutionize nearly every industry that they touch.

While these sectors all have huge potential on their own, combining them promises to have an even greater impact. And so, combining AI, ML, and DL with blockchain technology offers much faster systems, more secure data and transaction processing, and eliminates the problems that could be caused by human error. 

There are still problems that need to be worked out, however. The demand for AI/ML/DL and blockchain is growing, and many projects have tried to combine these technologies already. However, they often result in half-centralized, or even fully centralized solutions, which is not what the final product is supposed to be. That, in turn, led to the creation of Teslafan — a new project that finally figured out a way to bring other emerging technologies to blockchain in a completely decentralized way.

What is Teslafan?

Teslafan comes as a sustainability-driven tokenized network. It is a next-gen AI marketplace, that has created a large and welcoming ecosystem that is not shy about accepting new developers, ideas, resources, and more — all for the purpose of improving human-machine interaction through projects that would specifically focus on machine learning, deep learning, cognitive computing, and of course, artificial intelligence itself.

The project functions as a crowdfunding platform before all else, but that too is organized in a decentralized way, with the intention of eliminating the drawbacks that centralized crowdfunding platforms have encountered.

Its combination of blockchain and other emerging technologies has already drawn a lot of attention to the firm. Already, it is being supported by numerous renewable energy companies, and it even attracted a major anonymous investment even before it held its token sale.

It has its own, native utility token, the TESLF token, which allows users to participate in the project’s ecosystem, enjoy its features, and even make payments.

What does the Platform Actually Offer?

Speaking of features and ecosystem, the platform focuses on 5 main services. These include an AI marketplace, which is essentially a marketplace for artificial intelligence, deep learning, machine learning, robotics, speech processing, natural language processing, expert systems, and all other projects driven by these and similar technologies. 

The marketplace is not exclusive — on the contrary, it is available to everyone who wishes to join and participate. But, more importantly, it aims to eliminate the roadblocks in AI applications and use in both, business and other environments. The biggest advantage is that adopting AI is now extremely affordable, which was not the case only a short while ago.

Next, the platform also offers a network of combined technologies, such as blockchain and artificial intelligence. As mentioned, all of these technologies have huge potential on their own. Combining them will not only bring new possibilities and opportunities, but it might even result in massive technological breakthroughs that could create a path for future development and improvement of these technologies.

Then, there are renewable energy charities, which are providing crypto users with the ability to donate funds to charities that deal in sustainable energy, as well as those who fight current issues, such as water pollution. 

The company is also offering sentiment analysis services, such as opinion mining or emotion AI of existing and future projects, ideas, and alike. Public sentiment is a powerful thing — strong enough to control the price of every cryptocurrency. It can turn people into millionaires, or rob them of most of their invested money overnight. As such, it is a powerful tool, and if it can be understood, it can help change the world for the better.

Lastly, the company also offers stock data comparison, which is a system that quickly and easily searches the market for the best exchanges to buy renewable and sustainable energy firms’ stocks, and presents them to those who wish to invest in them.

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