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Tesla Roadster Steering Wheel: Top 05 Features Makes It Innovative.

Tesla is a well-known electric vehicle brand owned by Elon Musk that produces full-fledged Ev’s that have transformed the automobile industry. Since the day Tesla was announced officially, the automobile industry underwent a futuristic transition with the new advanced vehicles that have no concern with fuel and improve environmental conditions. 

People are really crazy about Tesla and enjoy their driving experience. Like other car accessories, Tesla also comes with customization that you can do by purchasing aftermarket products. One of the innovative accessories is the tesla roadster steering wheel, which is truly a pursuit of excellence. It’s not just a steering wheel to maneuver the car; it’s a statement that fully compliments the car’s comfort, ergonomics, and cool features. 

If you are a car enthusiast, then you must be crazy about this accessory for your Tesla since Tesla has decided to remove the Yoke-style steering from different models. Therefore, this article will cover several aspects regarding Tesla steering accessories that you can select as per your choice and buy from an authentic online source. So, without any further ado. Let’s get straight into it. 

Why Tesla Stopped Including Yoke Steering? 

Tesla is now offering round-shaped traditional steering in cars. The main reason that came to light is the yoke style was annoyingly bad for horn placement and turning the vehicle in other directions. After analyzing this persistent issue, the company included traditional steering to eliminate horn placement and car maneuvering complications. 

Still, car enthusiasts love the futuristic yoke steering; they buy it after the market to enjoy the drive.  

What’s So Unique About Tesla Roadster Steering Wheel? 

There is a whole list of smart features in the Tesla Roadster steering wheel that you can use with your Tesla car. 

  • This steering wheel is an ultimate piece of dedication to modernization and utilizing the limit of automotive design capabilities. The start-of-the-art accessory is flawlessly integrated within to make your driving experience to the next level. 
  • It is designed with great attention to detail, embodying the pinnacle of engineered excellence. It claims to be the most premium, sleek and ergonomic structure tailored to provide a firm grip and optimal comfort when driving for longer journeys. 
  • The features don’t stop here; the latest technological advancements offer seamless connectivity and controls to function your car for settings, climate settings, media play buttons, cruise controls, etc. All functions can be accessed with your fingertips to stay connected. 
  • Safety is another crucial checklist; A steering acts as a cockpit that holds the vehicle’s control, including safety. Tesla’s salient feature, auto-pilot, is also integrated within the steering based on cutting-edge technology, promoting a safe journey. By using the autopilot feature, you can easily rely on it to drive the same as humans. 
  • Let’s talk about the customization of the steering wheel. It has a wide range of options that set it apart from the other accessories. You can choose it in different colors, including original carbon fiber application and premium quality leather material, to make it look sophisticated, colorful, and superior. 


Is it possible to install the Tesla steering wheel DIY? 

Yes! It is possible to do this on your own. But if you want to hire professional support for a successful installation. You can do that since applying the airbag is a bit technical to prevent an explosion. 

The following steps will help you change your steering wheel in less time. 

Pick up the tools: Firstly, collect all the necessary tools. To get to know what tools are required, read the packaging of the steering. Pick all of them and start working. The equipment is usually a screwdriver set, socket wrench, and a trim removal tool. 

Power off the car: Your Tesla should be power-off, and carefully remove the key from the ignition. Now, you’ll disconnect the battery for safety concerns. The terminals should be properly disconnected.  

Now, with the help of screwdrivers, loose bolts from the steering column. Then, put aside the fasteners. Don’t rush. Keep it simple and perform every step gently. 

The wheel has been removed from its location, and now you replace it quickly. Take the yoke-style steering wheel, align it with the steering column, and tighten the bolt holes on the wheel concerning the corresponding locations.

It’s time to connect the battery wires and terminals smartly. So, don’t be mistaken in this step, as it leads to a short circuit and potentially damages your steering. Once the steering fits the location, you can power up the car and test the control and media buttons on it to check its functionality. Now you are good to go. Enjoy your driving experience. 

Can you buy online the Tesla yoke steering wheel? 

Yes! It’s an excellent opportunity to get a huge discounted price if you buy it online. Tesla Roadster steering wheel is available online. When purchasing online, there are a few things that you need to know to make a successful purchase. 

All the models have different steering wheel types; you must find a compatible accessory to avoid replacement issues. Always check the details of the accessory you need and match them online. 

Keep in your mind what country you are living in. The countries have different driving rules that drivers follow. Some countries’ driving system is based on the left hand and vice versa. So, it’s best to select only the steering wheel you can use. 

Before buying online, check the features on an authentic website, whether fake or original. If the report you get is okay, you can proceed purchase; explore multiple third-party vendors to check who gives users more value. Once you find it, you can purchase accessories without any doubt and enjoy great discount packages. 


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