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Teresa Fata Offers 7 Home Decor Ideas For The Fall Season

teresa fata offers 7 home decor ideas for the fall season

Teresa Fata with TF Interiors says “You can embrace the fall season by adding a few changes to your home’s décor. The fall season is the perfect time to focus on warmth and nature.”

When you’ve dug out your chunky knit sweaters and closed down the pool, there are a few simple ways you can transform your home to celebrate autumn. It’s time to focus on that cool weather and the fall colors and textures this time of the year is known for offering. Consider these tips to get you started.

#1: Bring in the Right Colors

The easiest way to make your home seem more appropriate for fall is to add harvest colors throughout it. Orange, beige, black, and other earthy tones work very well. Don’t be afraid to add in some white with a few pillows and an orange blanket for the couch. If you just don’t like orange, that’s okay. Choose a few neutral hues to create the foundation for your fall décor. Try to add pops of these colors in each room of the home with decorative pieces, pillows, rugs, throws, or any other items you find.

#2: Focus on a Harvest Theme

Fall is the harvest season when farmers bring in the bounty of summer. That’s why we see a lot of corn stalks, hay bales, and pumpkins around. Bring some of that in, such as a few whisps of your favorite blooming fall flowers. Decorate the front porch with beautiful pumpkins, gourds, and squash. You can also incorporate a harvest theme in the home with themed kitchen towels or placemats with the same type of pattern. Bring in some fall mums or other potted plants, too.

#3: Try Out a Few Crafts

“This is the season when things start slowing down. The days are much shorter, resulting in more time spent indoors. Why not try a few fall craft ideas, such as creating a holiday wreath, Thanksgiving decorations, or a wooden plaque for your front door?” Says Teresa Fata.

You can always paint pumpkins in a variety of colors or spend some time crafting gifts that you will end up giving away in December. Try your hand at floral arrangements, perhaps one for the mantel in the living room or the dining room table. Use leaves and other natural elements, or head to the local craft store for some inspiration.

#4: Create a Fall Centerpiece

It is fairly easy to add a bit of fall love to the home by simply decorating the dining room table with a festive centerpiece. Keep the same color patterns you’re using in other areas of your home. Then, try out some fun ideas like carving out the center of a white pumpkin and placing a grouping of fall-colored stemmed flowers in the center. Add in some new linens with a fall color pattern or print. Purchase a few chunky candles for your centerpiece to add some dimension and beauty to the look. You can also incorporate pinecones, twigs, and leaves into this display.

#5: Add Some Fall to Your Bedroom

In the bedroom, focus on creating a feeling of warmth and coziness. Thicker blankets make sense now or pull out your grandmother’s quilts. Add in some additional pillows with a beautiful fall pattern or color to them. You can also add a plush rug to the space next to your bed, so you step down and feel the warmth at the start of each day. Tone down the other colors in this space, too, to create more of a neutral feel.

#6: Set Up the Fireplace

Whether you have a mantle or not, the fireplace often becomes the center of the home during the fall and winter months. Now is the time to add a few pieces of wood, perhaps a basket to the area, and a few fall-themed décor items. You may also want to consider the addition of some candles to the mantle, which helps to draw the eye to this space. It’s a nice touch to relax into the evening with the fireplace going and a soft crackle. Even if you don’t use it, you’ll love the look of it setup and ready to go.

#7: Consider Adding Warmth with Layering

Look for simple ways to layer in the home. Add a rug by the front door that greets people with a first step into comfort. Add a plush rug under the dining table to encourage people to linger longer. You can also place them over the top of hardwood floors or tile to help create a warmer feel. Add a few throws and blankets to the couches as well.

Finding simple ways to bring nature into your home is a great way to welcome fall into your home. Go for a simple walk in the backyard or a park to come up with some fantastic ideas and ways to create a beautiful design for your home. This can help everyone to adjust to the change a bit easier.

About Teresa Fata

Teresa Fata launched her interior design firm, TF Interiors, in January 2021.

TF Interiors offers a variety of interior design packages, both virtual and in-person, to meet all price points and budgets. From room mood boards to a full-service package that handles everything from floor design to delivery coordination, this design company has flexible options to meet all needs.


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