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Tera Carissa Hodges, the brain behind the unique website “Success Bullying,” says, “It’s time to realize your worth.”

Tera Carissa Hodges

To dream about something is one thing; to think of making efforts towards it is another thing, but to choose to go under the grind, give it all and take necessary actions is an altogether different thing. To belong to the latter category, individuals need to choose the hard way and, without letting any fear surround them, must work consistently towards achieving their goals. But, let’s first understand how easy or difficult it can be, especially for women? Tera Carissa Hodges, who has risen to the top as an ace faith-based empowerment coach and entrepreneur, believes that women most of the time have been at the receiving end through various stages of their lives and careers, and it is time to change all of that and give them a platform, where they can do more and be more. That is how she came up with ‘Success Bullying”, her website, which is all about helping women fight the bullying and the slander they face in their journeys by instilling in them more hope, confidence, and positivity to take over their dreams and reach greater success levels.

Success Bullying has risen as an accountability practice that is dedicated to helping type A and high-performing women take their great to greater. They thrive on a unique coaching methodology to help women create a larger impact and achieve measurable results across their professional and personal lives. With Success Bullying, Tera wants to normalize the habit of people seeing women as successful.

There are various solutions the website lays down for fighting slander, which includes not allowing people’s accusations to deter them, prayers for healing, meeting new people who are equally doing well or better, self-care, finding positive and healthy ways to fight toxicity, setting new goals to focus and so much more.

All such methods and the website’s incredible coaching methodologies have helped women become their better selves and have given them the courage to fight the negativity and slander they face, which has helped them become the success stories they are today.

Find out more about Success Bullying here.

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