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Ten Small Business ideas for entrepreneurs in India

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Banks and NBFIs provide low-interest personal loans to fulfill various financial needs, be it medical expenses, vacation, wedding plans, or business needs.

Therefore, if you have a dream to start your own business, this is the right time. You might have several business ideas, but the lack of finance can hinder bringing your business idea to a reality. Hence, to handle your business requirements, you can get a business loan online.

A business loan is a type of personal loan availed for business needs. You can take a long term personal loan to handle expenses such as launching a business, expanding your business, marketing strategy, etc.

Here is a list of small business ideas that might match your skillset to kick start your career as an entrepreneur.

Online Business

The emergence of the internet has given rise to many online businesses, especially during this pandemic. The boom in online business has increased the scope for new entrepreneurs who wish to start their businesses. You can begin by providing online services to many small to medium-sized companies. For example, website designers, developers, bloggers, and social media experts are highly demanded. You have to only invest in a desktop or a laptop with high-speed internet and the required software to run your online services.


The demand for skilled photographers is increasing day by day. If you have a hobby of taking good pictures, you have a high chance to turn your hobby into your profession, such as wedding photography, photoshoots for brides and models, etc. All you need is a good quality camera and editing software.

Yoga Instructor

People have become more health-conscious due to increased lifestyle diseases such as obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes. If you are good at yoga, you can start practicing as an instructor to teach “Yoga Asanas”. It does not require any investments to start this business.

Daycare Services

With both mother and father working to make ends meet, taking care of their children has become tricky. As a result, the demand for daycare has increased drastically. As a small startup, a daycare can be a good idea to help working mothers and nuclear families.

Dance Centre

If you have a passion for dancing, you can quickly start your business as a choreographer. It requires minimum investment, such as taking a small space for rent and advertising your dance academy.


As a startup, tailoring has been there for decades. The demand for tailoring services is still high. Bridal blouses cost you around INR 5,000 minimum. As the success rate is pretty high with minimum investment, tailoring is a good option if you are skilled.


Content is the king when it comes to online business. With great content, you can easily have a global reach. Blogging is one such option where you can use content to earn money from home. Be it writing or video blogging, if you can give engaging content to the audience, you can make more than you imagine. The only thing is you need to be consistent and know what your audience needs.

Baking or cooking classes

If you are good at baking or cooking in general, you can use social media as a platform to teach your cooking skills. Once you reach a broad audience, you will start earning from it without leaving your home. Youtube is one such social media platform to teach your cooking skills and make money simultaneously.

Juice centers

With people becoming more aware of healthy foods, fresh and organic juices are becoming more popular as an alternative to cold drinks. You can start a new juice center with innovative and diverse varieties to attract customers.

Food joints

The food business is considered one of the essential industries, and as a result, food joints will never run out of business. As a startup, you can start with a few main dishes for breakfast with add-ons.


You can quickly start your own business that matches your interest and skillset from the ideas mentioned above. However, sustaining a business can be a challenge due to heavy competition, and the cost of running a business can be overwhelming. To handle such a situation, you can always choose a personal loan to smoothly meet all your business expenses.

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