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Temu: A Market place creating history in the world of e-commerce

In just two weeks after launching its online marketplace for value consumers in the US, Temu became the most widely used Android shopping app. According to mobile data tracking company SensorTower, the e-commerce app was ranked first among shopping apps in the Google Play Store on September 17. It was followed by Amazon and Shein. The ranking may provide an early indication of how well American customers view the value store. 

In September 2022, Temu opened its marketplace in the US to offer customers greater access to high-quality goods at competitive costs and a range of options. There are 15 product categories in the industry, ranging from pet and office supplies to fashion and beauty. The company claimed that thousands of new things are uploaded every day. 

Jacob Cooke, the CEO of WPIC, an e-commerce technology and marketing company, stated that “a broad product catalog, with competitive prices, implies more shoppers.” “What I’m most interested in seeing is whether PDD can create a cutting-edge method for US customers to purchase on Temu.”

Temu, a newcomer to the US e-commerce market, can aim to set itself apart from other online sellers and brick-and-mortar stores by utilizing the network of vendors and logistics partners that sister business Pinduoduo has amassed over time. Over the years, Pinduoduo has built a close-knit community of over 11 million international merchants and processed 61 billion orders in 2021 alone. It is renowned for emphasizing the promotion of cost-effective goods that raise consumers’ living standards. Due to its lightning-fast user growth, Pinduoduo was dubbed the “fastest-growing internet firm in the world” by Goldman Sachs back in 2018.

Despite being a new operator, Temu was able to get products in the best conditions for customers thanks to Pinduduo’s extensive network of suppliers and fulfillment partners. With people dealing with inflation at multi-year highs, rising interest rates, and businesses warning of a recession, that could end up being a deciding factor as the US retail industry enters the crucial holiday shopping season. 

Temu is in a great position to have access to extensive knowledge in product procurement and execution through our sister company Pinduoduo. This puts Temu in a strong position to provide our customers with an unmatched purchasing experience.

Temu can assist suppliers in fine-tuning their product mix and raising their readiness to change course when market conditions call for it by continually enhancing the way retailers and manufacturers can comprehend customer wants. Due to their ability to produce in large quantities for millions of customers, several of these suppliers are among the most effective producers of consumer goods. 

Customers like amateur weightlifter Drew Turner from Boulder City, Nevada, are simply pleased to have more options while purchasing. He recently purchased a pair of sneakers from Temu for $5.99. He can save money by decreasing expenses so he can compete in more events. “Pricey clothing doesn’t make me more powerful!

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