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TeluguStop Opens A New Chapter Of Internet For Telugu Daily News

For millennia, journalism has provided a critical function in society. Journalism is the fourth pillar of democracy and the executive, legislative, and judicial branches. As a profession, journalism provides a crucial role in maintaining decency, integrity, and peace in society. Many other disciplines have similar functions, but journalism stands out for shaping and transforming the whole world. No matter how many other professions there are or will be, it’s unlikely any will ever hold the power journalists have in their writing to change minds.

The rise of the internet and digital journalism has significantly helped journalism transit from conventional newspapers and magazines to online portals accessible from anywhere under the sun. Journalism has gained popularity in recent years when the prominence of social media has risen, and journalists have started using it to deliver news content as fast as in a blink of an eye. Digital journalism has transformed the perceptions of journalism to a great extent.

In an era where news travels at the speed of the light, is an online platform that gives you a natural news source as fast as the light, especially affairs related to the state of Telangana  & Andhra Pradesh.

The Telugu language has been one of the most spoken Indian languages for many years now. With a total of 74 million speakers, it’s been ranked one of the top 15 languages all over the globe. Those who speak this language are extraordinarily kind and friendly without fail. Hence, they were always searching for a platform where they could stay updated about the latest happenings around their environment, along with their circle and outside it.

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Yet, there was no dedicated platform catering to such needs. The absence of a comprehensive Telugu digital news platform gave rise to, which brought a new ray of hope to this community with its online Telugu news website portal. Founded in 2012, works as a subsidiary of Media.

TeluguStop aims to provide “a one-stop destination” for all news topics, including current affairs, politics, crime, Telugu NRIs, business, and not to forget entertainment, sports, and fashion as well. It has already gained a large fan following within its existence of eight successful years in the industry.

Being a part of a coherent and dedicated team, the reporters at prove to be an integral part of the team. They have tremendous knowledge and experience in their respective fields. With the prime motto of bringing forth the latest news to its readers worldwide, the reporters are always up-to-date with the happenings in India and abroad.

The content writers at play a vital role in ensuring that the news is in a format that is easily understandable to everyone. Being well-versed in their work, the content writers have contributed to making one of the best news portals online today.

The credit goes to its team of highly skilled individuals like sub-editors and editors, has managed to maintain high-quality standards while delivering news on time without any delay or errors at all.

The news industry is a scintillating field. With the influx of technological advancements, delivering and reading news has changed as well. The traditional approach of publishing a newspaper and then distributing it to all households is no longer practical because people prefer to read the news online. To keep up with this trend, has developed a news portal that caters to the needs of modern readers. To make the platform more accessible, they have made it available as an app on Android, iPhone, and iPad.

As a platform dedicated to serving its local community, has been trying to widen the horizons of its audience by introducing a location-based feature that will provide Telugu regional news, classifieds, and information. The regional news coverage is essential to stay updated with the local news, so the team behind is creating an android app that will feature news and classifieds, real estate listings, and services.

As a first in the community of Telugu speakers, this app will combine all these features in one package. Apart from providing users with all of these things, it’ll be an excellent opportunity to learn more about their surroundings and communicate with people who share similar interests.

Founded in 2012, grew tremendously over the years, thanks to its loyal fanbase and its genuine interest in the Telugu language. has over 2.5 million followers on the Facebook page, making it one of India’s most popular news sites.TeluguStop gained a massive presence in social media platforms with topic-based dedicated Facebook pages like తెలుగు విశేషాలు (TeluguVishayalu),తెలుగు రాజకీయాలు(TeluguRajakeyalu), తెలుగు NRI(Telugu NRI News), TeluguTopTips, Telugu 24,, TeluguMovieBox,Cricket Stop, etc

The company has built a massive following in just a couple of years, but it’s still operating from a small town in India, proving that journalism doesn’t need big offices and walls made out of glass for it to function correctly. By having reporters working remotely worldwide, has achieved its goals and built a strong network.

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