Telos Spark Hackathon in Progress, Ethereum Solidity Developers Can Win 100k TLOS

The Telos Spark Hackathon is ongoing. Solidity developers are actively at work, churning out exciting tools and dApps set for deployment on the front or back ends ahead of the April 4, 2022 deadline.

The Telos Spark Hackathon is Ongoing

According to Telos, the hackathon is an excellent opportunity for gifted Solidity developers to showcase their skills and build on what they describe as a “utility-rich” blockchain network. At the same time, the competition is immensely beneficial for the Telos blockchain and its growing ecosystem. The network’s developers hope to gradually improve its user experience, accelerating growth.

The Spark Hackathon is an invitation for Ethereum developers to bring their best tools and applications to Telos, a fourth-generation blockchain boasting of what’s easily the fastest throughput in the sphere of 75k TPS. Developers are free to build or release any tool on the front or back ends. For instance, developers can create charts and statistics, snapshots, or displays for NFT collections on the front end. Conversely, at the backend, they can release exciting dApps—forks or based on their original ideas—on DeFi—which can be DEXes, money markets–, play-to-earn games, NFTs, and more.

To ensure the Spark Hackathon is a success and there is a smooth deployment of Solidity contracts, Telos partnered with Taikai—a dApp for creating, organizing and managing highly streamlined hackathons. Furthermore, Telos is working with its Mentor Support team of members who are experienced and eager to make the deployment as smooth as possible.

The winning team will receive 100k TLOS while the runners-up will earn 50k TLOS. Participants in the third to the fifth slots will each receive 10k TLOS. In each case, prizes will be sent directly to their indicated wallet and won’t be locked.

Telos’ tEVM Built from Scratch, Efficient and Designed for Speed

Telos is also distinguished from other Ethereum virtual machine (EVM) compatible networks since it built its virtual machine from the ground up without forking from Ethereum. Their tEVM is designed specifically to be highly efficient and circumvents all the loopholes faced by the original Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM)—including other inherent obstacles faced when projects fork from the EVM without enhancements for efficiency.

The tEVM enables the Telos network to be the fastest blockchain globally, with processing speeds of 75k TPS with features to cushion DeFi traders from front-running attacks or Minimum Extractable Value (MEV). Subsequently, the Telos blockchain is highly scalable. At the same time, because of the inherent challenges plaguing other networks, especially Ethereum, the ultra-high processing speeds in Telos translates to higher scaling capabilities and, therefore, the ability of dApps to operate seamlessly without congestion regardless of their intensity.

To further improve user experience, the Telos network has fixed and near-zero Gas fees, a characteristic that’s drawing talenet developers from across the board. Moreover, the Telos ecosystem is constantly growing and expanding by focusing on onboarding talented developers to enhance multiple development efforts within the growing Telos ecosystem.

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