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Telenet Secured a $33.9 Million Investment on the 10th.

Telenet, the provider of the integrated cryptocurrency wallet service Telebucks, announced on the 10th that they have secured an investment of approximately $33.9 million.

This investment was made by NEXT FINTECH HOLDINGS, INC., located in Delaware, USA. With this investment, Telenet plans to accelerate its market strategy, including diversifying the services of Telebucks, increasing crypto project listings, enhancing mobile remittance services, and increasing user numbers.

Telebucks’ integrated crypto wallet enables authentication, transfer, and exchange of virtual assets by using a phone number as the primary account and authentication method. In the future, Telebucks’ service is expected to expand to payment, STO, and DeFi services. Users of the Telebucks service experience enhanced financial transaction convenience within the blockchain network using their phone number, while simultaneously experiencing personal information and transaction security.

Telebucks drew market attention by listing Ripple (XRP) in their integrated crypto wallet on the 2nd.

A representative from Telenet stated, “This investment recognizes the growth potential and value of Telebucks.” They added, “Through service enhancement and diversification, we will explore a full-fledged market expansion.

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