Telegram’s Notcoin Reaches $1B FDV And $294M Volume In Launch

Notcoin makes a big launch on Ton Blockchain with a $1 billion FDV and $294 million worth of trade activity in its first hour.

TakeAway Points:

  • Notcoin (NOT) makes its debut on Ton Blockchain with a $1 billion First Day Volume (FDV), and in the first hour, it achieved $294 million in trading volume.
  • Through Telegram-based gaming challenges, early adopters were able to acquire notcoin, with a 1000:1 conversion rate from their in-game balances.
  • Through staking mechanisms, the project rewards holding by giving 1.5% to OKX Jumpstart users and 3% to Binance Launchpool users.

Notcoin’s Launch

Notcoin (NOT), a gaming token with over 35 million users, created a big splash when it entered the cryptocurrency market with a $1 billion fully diluted value (FDV). In the first hour of trading, $294 million worth of trades were made, according to CoinMarketCap, highlighting this incredible launch. 

Early adopters were drawn to the coin from January to April, when it was distributed via an airdrop and listed on many exchanges. Through the Telegram app, these people participated in the game and won notcoin by completing several challenges. The project’s strategic approach to fusing gaming with cryptocurrency was demonstrated by the 1000:1 conversion ratio of in-game balances to notcoin.

Allocation of Tokens and Staking Mechanism

Notcoin created a staking mechanism as a creative way to increase community engagement and preserve the token’s value. This feature gives airdrop farmers an incentive to hang onto their tokens, but it also gives them access to more profitable staking pools based on their game level and allows them to “earn extra prizes.” 

The total supply of the token is limited to 102 billion, of which 3% will be strategically distributed to Binance Launchpool users and 1.5% will be set aside for OKX Jumpstart users. This allocation method is indicative of Notcoin’s dedication to building a strong and active gaming community.

Market Trends: The Ascent of Render and Worldcoin

Even in a tumultuous market, Worldcoin (WLD) and Render (RNDR) have achieved double-digit returns, demonstrating the fluidity of the cryptocurrency space. Worldcoin showed its tenacity as it rose 30.6% to trade at $5.46 on May 9 after hitting a monthly low of $4.18 on April 14. 

The introduction of World Chain and the achievement of five million orb-verified World IDs served as catalysts for this upsurge. Render also saw notable gain, rising from a low to trade at $10.36 on May 9, a 47.5% rise. The coin’s inclusion in Apple’s Keynote and Blender Cycles increased its visibility, and the anticipation of NVIDIA’s next earnings call contributed to the positive mood.

Rebel Satoshi’s Market Advisory and $RECQ Presale

In addition, the cryptocurrency market is now focused on Rebel Satoshi’s $RECQ presale due to the success of its $RBLZ presale, which raised over $2.5 million and gave investors a 150% return. Investors in Worldcoin and Render are interested in $RECQ’s presale, which is now in Stage 2 at $0.0044 per token and offers significant returns. 

But even with the enormous profits that could be possible, there are hazards because the cryptocurrency market is so unstable. Before investing in newly launched tokens or coins with lower market capitalizations, which are more vulnerable to market dangers and liquidity issues, investors are encouraged to do extensive research and evaluate their financial status.

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