Tel Aviv University joins MIT and Stanford, establishes its own institute for applied blockchain research

Tel Aviv University (TAU) one of the leading universities in Isreal has announced that the Hogeg Institute for Blockchain Application will be established at the Coller School of Management at the university.

The Hogeg Institute is currently one of the leading blockchain institutes in Isreal and also one of the few in the world. With this announcement, the TAU university will join the leagues of the world`s prestigious universities like Stanford and MIT that fully understand the importance of carrying out extensive crypto and blockchain researches.

Aim Of The Hogeg Institute

The Hogeg Institute seeks to not only promote research on cryptocurrencies but also disseminate the knowledge of the blockchain technology and how it can be applied to several industries to enhance their productivity. This initiative taken by the university happens to be the first in Isreal and one of the few in the world. As mentioned earlier, this initiative puts the TAU in a comparable position with some of the world`s leading universities. This partnership with theg Institute will be able to support multidisciplinary studies that will bring researchers from the TAU together with well-trained academicians and certain industry leaders.

Goal Of The Partnership Between TAU And The Hogeg Institute

The goal of the Hogeg Institute is that of advancing knowledge as well as developing approaches for the implementation of blockchain technology in several industries as well as businesses and other sectors of the economy like healthcare, law, and government. Asides from conducting researches on cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology, the institute will run several master level courses and also conferences where the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology will be discussed. This institute will also train the next set of entrepreneurs, professionals, and managers in the crypto sphere as well as serve as a center for knowledge for academicians, financial community members, and businesses.

About Hogeg Moshe

The Hogeg Institute is named after Hogeg Moshe a well-known investor who donated over seven (7) million Shekels to the Tel Aviv University. Moshe is one of the most prominent investors in Isreal who has invested in several international organizations and corporations. In the last couple of years, Moshe has invested in, as well as initiated a large number of digital currencies in and out of Isreal. Currently, Hogeg Moshe serves as the chairman of Singulariteam an Isreali investment fund with the portfolio of a number of companies, including one of the leading messaging applications in the world Telegram. Also, Moshe serves as the CEO of Sirin Labs a smartphone company.

Earlier this year, Moshe founded the first blockchain hub Alignment which was established in Isreal. Also. Moshe led the launch of the Blockchain TV of the Alignment Media Group which will share cryptocurrency and blockchain related news globally.  


With the Hogeg Institute set to be established at the Tel Aviv University, the knowledge of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain technology will be disseminated, further encouraging all to get familiar with these new technologies.

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