Technology in Car Accident Law: How Data and Evidence are Shaping Cases

Car Accident Law

It is sad to know that last year not one day went by when a person was not killed in a car accident. Yes, you read that correctly. Every day in 2022, at least one person died in a car accident on the roads in Texas. Even with all the new safety technology being built into the new vehicles that can stop people from running into each other at highway speeds, whether from the lack of paying attention, road rage getting out of hand, or just simply a lack of reaction, people still die every day.

But, today, that is not the main reason we are here. That technology that is going into cars to help drivers avoid accidents is also being linked to software and data that can help insurance companies, police officers, and accident investigators get real-time information to help them figure out what really happened. Granted, they are trained to quickly evaluate a scene, and with the help of eyewitnesses, they can usually put together an accurate scenario. But everyone knows that eyewitnesses are not a reliable source of information, and investigators are people, and people make mistakes.

The Little Black Box

Just like the little black box on an airplane, newer vehicles are being installed with an event data recorder (EDR). This device does not record every move a driver makes, but it does save any motions that could be deemed unsafe and possibly lead to an accident. For example, if you are swerving in and out of traffic because you are going to be late for work, the EDR will be recording just in case. If you get into an accident, the device will show that you were driving unsafely and more than likely were the case of the accident. This technology has been in use in commercial trucks for many years, which is why you should have a group of good truck accident lawyers on speed dial if you drive any type of commercial rig.

Maintenance Records On File

The type of technology that can keep track of your maintenance records is not in widespread use yet, but it does exist. It is used to tell if you are neglecting your vehicle’s routine maintenance to the point of making it a hazard to be on the road. For example, if the cars system has repeadetly told you that the ABS system was malfunctioning and you ignored it until the day of an accident, the investigators could find that the lack of proper brakes could have caused the accident. In this way, a problem that would not have usually been as easily found could help solve a case that would typically drag on for months or even years. 

Calls For Help

Technology is available in newer cars and in mobile devices that can detect an accident and will call 911 for help. This is one of the good aspects of technology because there will be times when a person in an accident cannot call for help. Whether they are blocked in by debris, not conscious enough to find and dial a phone, or maybe in a precarious situation that requires them to remain perfectly still. Whatever the reason, whenever technology can reach out and call for help for you, it is a positive thing because it will save you time and ensure that help will be on the way as soon as possible.

Final Thoughts

Technology will continue to improve, which means that as the years go by, new and improved gadgets will be installed in vehicles that will help improve safety. Technology that will not only help the way we all drive but will help when an accident does occur by contacting emergency responders, recording data that people will need when investigating, and even by shutting off gas lines and power to prevent any fires and explosions from happening. The sky is the limit when it comes to future technology, but even as the world becomes more dependent on technology and AI, there will never be a replacement for a knowledgeable accident lawyer.

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