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Technology: How to generate leads using calls?

How to generate leads using calls

It may seem that phone calls are a relic of the past, and AI-based chat tools will ultimately remove them from the sales ecosystem. However, according to CallPage, a lead capture software provider, phone calls still have impressive results when it comes to on-the-site lead generation. Read the article to check out some interesting statistics on calls and their impact on sales results.

What is click-to-call software?

Click-to-call, also known as click-to-dial or click-to-talk, is a technology that allows users to initiate phone calls and enables instant connections between businesses and their customers, prospects, or website visitors. Click-to-call can have a form of a simple HTML code that allows users to easily initiate a call from a mobile device.

However, there are more sophisticated solutions on the market, known as click-to-call software. Users do not call the company but rather “order a callback.” When the user fills out the form, she/he is automatically connected to a designated person at the company’s headquarters. Click-to-call software typically integrates with Voice over IP (VoIP) systems or phone services that seamlessly connect the user’s device to the intended recipient.

The software has several advantages over the standard HTML click-to-call. First, website visitors can use it from both desktops and mobile. It can include scoring rules and pop-ups on the website, it enables a faster connection between the user and the company, and it allows call tracking and call analysis. All of these elements translate into better results. Check out how.

Website conversion rate improved by 120%

Click-to-call software has the potential to boost conversion rates significantly. When prospects have the option to connect with a representative instantly, they are more likely to engage in meaningful conversations and address their queries or concerns immediately. This personalized approach builds trust and confidence, ultimately increasing the chances of converting leads into customers.

Studies have shown that incorporating click-to-call functionality can lead to substantial conversion rate improvements, especially in industries that rely heavily on phone-based sales. According to CallPage’s research, automated callback can improve website conversion rates by up to 120%.

The chances of the incoming lead gaining qualifications are 21x greater

One of the key benefits of a click-to-call widget for lead generation is the ability to establish instant connections with potential customers. Since the widget connects the website user to the first available consultant on the company’s side, the wait time is extremely short, usually less than 28 seconds.

This real-time engagement and personal approach allows companies to capitalize on the prospect’s interest and increase the likelihood of converting them into qualified leads. CallPage research shows that the chances of qualifying leads are 21 times higher when you contact a customer within 5 minutes compared to 30 minutes.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Customer experience is a critical factor in today’s competitive marketplace. Click-to-call software helps create a seamless and convenient experience for potential customers.

Instead of having to dial a phone number manually or fill out lengthy contact forms, prospects can initiate a call with a simple click. This frictionless process not only saves time but also demonstrates a business’s commitment to providing excellent customer service.

By prioritizing customer convenience, companies can foster positive brand perceptions and build stronger relationships with their target audience.

Tracking and Analytics

Effective lead-generation strategies rely on accurate tracking and analytics. Click-to-call software typically provides robust reporting and analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to gain valuable insights into their marketing campaigns. These insights may include the number of clicks, call durations, call outcomes, and even call recordings. By analyzing this data, marketers can identify trends, optimize campaigns, and refine their targeting strategies for improved ROI.


Leveraging click-to-call software for lead generation can be a game-changer for businesses looking to maximize their marketing ROI. By enabling instant connections, increasing conversion rates, enhancing customer experience, and providing valuable tracking and analytics, click-to-call software offers a powerful toolset for effective lead-generation strategies.

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