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Technology Holds The Answer To Independent Pharmacy Upscaling – Interview With RxMile CEO Kunal Vyas

It has long been known that patient satisfaction levels are far higher when using an independent pharmacy as compared with a chain brand, however, finding ways to compete financially with those major players is an ongoing problem. 

Yet, it is an issue that Kunal Vyas, the CEO of RxMile is determined to resolve. In this interview, he puts forward his reasoning behind the launch of his digital independent pharmacy solution and explains how it can benefit owners. 

What Was The Driving Force Behind The Launch of RxMile? 

As an owner of an independent pharmacy myself, I recognized the need to level the playing field between chain pharmacies and independent providers, thus, RxMile was born. A solution was badly needed to enable independent pharmacies like my own to enhance, optimize, and manage attrition and retention rates. 

RxMile has been created to address these issues and is the answer to enabling independent pharmacies to compete in today’s fast-paced world of prescription home deliveries. As an all-in-one solution, it is customizable to each independent pharmacy’s needs, striving to change the ever-fluctuating landscape of the modern global trillion-dollar prescription drug marketplace. 

Why Are Independent Pharmacies Lagging Behind In Terms of The Adoption of Digitised Solutions? 

Until now, the high cost of adoption of the latest digital solutions has been quite prohibitive for owners of independent pharmacies. While many independent pharmacy owners acknowledge that digitized ways of working are vital for change and transformation within their sector, the barriers to embracing the switch have traditionally been very high. 

Not only have legacy methods long been the norm but also the sheer amount of money and time required to invest in these solutions has presented a significant obstacle. 

Yet, it is becoming increasingly obvious that failure to adopt digitization can only lead to the downfall of independent pharmacies that are already at a disadvantage in the crowded marketplace while embracing it can give even the smallest operator the chance to reach a much larger target market and stand out from its rivals. 

How Does RxMile Address This Problem?

One of the most important changes that independent pharmacies need to make is the switch to delivering prescriptions to patients. In the modern world, patients are used to the benefits of home delivery when making purchases of any type, and that desire for convenience now extends to their prescribed medication. 

While big-name pharmacy brands have effortlessly launched home delivery services, independent pharmacies have found it virtually impossible to absorb those additional costs, leaving them at a significant disadvantage when trying to attract and retain patients. This is where RxMile enters the picture. 

Designed specifically to address this issue, RxMile meets all of the essential PBM contractual obligations, yet still provides an affordable solution for owners of independent pharmacies nationwide. 

How Does Technology Aid Independent Pharmacy Owners To Scale Up?

As a growth-automated solution, RxMile equips independent pharmacy owners with everything they need to stay competitive including a full delivery portal with real-time tracking, compliance, and audit support, medication synchronization, route optimization, pay on delivery, contactless signature capture, co-pay collection and refill consent tools, all at a cost-effective price. 

As another key feature, it is designed to integrate with the pharmacy software that owners are currently using in order to enable seamless changes in their current delivery management. 

Adoption of this technology allows small independent pharmacy service providers to scale up their offerings and present a significant challenge to the big-name providers that are currently dominating the marketplace yet letting patients down in terms of satisfaction. 

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