Technology, Healthcare, and Global Collaboration: The Medical Device Net Phenomenon

The field of medical devices has seen a remarkable surge in research, manufacturing, and global focus in the recent times. The medical device industry is poised for steady growth, with global annual sales forecast to rise by over 5 percent a year and reach nearly US $800 billion by 2030. Discovery of medical devices dates as far back as 7000 BC in Baluchistan where flint-tipped drills and bowstrings were used. Study of archeology and Roman medical literature also indicate that many types of medical devices were in widespread use during the time of ancient Rome.

Medical Devices are considered a fundamental component of Health Systems; the benefits they can provide continue to increase as they’re essential to prevent, diagnose, treat, and rehabilitate illnesses and diseases in a safe and effective way. Professionals in the field of healthcare engineering manage and support the manufacturing and use of existing medical devices and technology in patient care. It is such an essential and fundamental field to mankind that supports the existence and well-being of all human beings across the world. To globalize and promote research and manufacturing of Medical Devices across the world, Information Technology plays a pivotal role. Information Technology can certainly provide a lot of exposure, outreach, collaboration, and promote awareness and purchase research across Healthcare Engineering.

Dr. Ming-Chien Chyu, the founding president of Healthcare Engineering Alliance Society(HEALS), is one such pioneer and a global leader who has been at the critical convergence of Healthcare and Medical Devices fields utilizing Information Technology to its erudite standards in driving revolution across the world. Dr. Ming is considered the “Father of Healthcare” engineering, in coherence with his groundbreaking research and contributions worldwide. 

Recognizing the need for a centralized platform to connect all the stakeholders of medical devices including researchers, clinicians, engineers, and manufacturers worldwide, Dr. Ming took up the initiative –, a comprehensive tech-based platform. With a vast database encompassing the latest FDA-approved devices, the website serves as a go-to resource for cutting-edge information in the medical device industry. While on a quest to develop this platform, Mr. V S Adithya Dwadasi from Texas Tech University was chosen as the specialist in the technology standpoint undertaking this application architecture and administration. 

Dr. Ming and Adithya worked in tandem to bring this mission to life, which has been a helping resource for thousands of engineers, clinicians, and researchers across the world. This is a proof that adopting the right technology and engineers that can architect convoluted designs can pave the way for the realization of such impactful global initiatives. Adithya has been a subject matter expert leading a score of projects across various multinational organizations to success and has hence been chosen to be the developer and architect for Medical Device Net. Crucial design and integrations have been set up within the application to keep the information current with the United States Food and Drug Administration website. 

The technical implementation involved designing and managing the technology pipelines, bi-directional and uni-directional integrations, traffic-based dynamic scaling along with the full-stack application architecture and development to accommodate futureproofing of data retrieval and access. Medical Device Net has been designed to offer a systematic state-of-the-technology information for all medical devices including the most recent ones cleared and approved by the FDA. This platform is a powerful tool for the invention and development of new medical devices for healthcare engineering professionals.

In conclusion, Medical Device Net is a dynamic force built to shape the future of healthcare technology. Dr. Ming’s vision, and Adithya’s expertise have materialized into a global nexus that facilitates collaboration and promotes research across disciplines. As the platform continues to evolve, it stands purposeful to make profound contributions to the advancement of medical devices and, consequently, the enhancement of healthcare worldwide.

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