Technology for Sales Automation

Technology is disrupting the sales industry. It is paving the way for a new business model where employees do not have to undertake repetitive tasks.

Many automated tech tools, called customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, have been introduced to aid the transition from the traditional sales approach to a more effective, seamless, and less expensive model. The problem, however, is that many existing CRM platforms are too complicated for the average business owner to use, too expensive, offer more features than needed, or can’t be customized to the user’s needs.

These sticking points have transformed the sales and customer relations model into one that is way too intricate, excessive, and less intuitive. Pipedrive solves these problems.

Pipedrive Sales Automation Technology

As a product of intensive research and core determination to dispel all of the obstacles in the sales and customer relations market, Pipedrive is the first CRM platform built expressly for salespeople by salespeople. Since its inception in 2010, the Pipedrive team has taken it upon themselves to aid users to envisage, in an unprecedented manner, their sales processes and provide the much-need support to do more.

It is almost impossible to control results in sales, but you can manage your actions. The Pipedrive team understands this, hence the creation of an activity-based, tested-and-proven infrastructure that entails the consistent scheduling, tracking, and completion of marketing and sales activities.

Features of the Pipedrive CRM Platform

With a single goal to drive massive sales success for companies and business owners globally, the Pipedrive team incorporates several workflow automation features to achieve this predetermined objective.

Sales Automation

If your sales team spends more time doing monotonous tasks like follow-up activities or sending emails to prospective customers, then the Pipedrive CRM tool is for you. By automating all these mundane activities, your team can save time and increase sales in the long run.

With the Pipedrive workflow automation feature, sales teams can send personalized emails when a new deal is established or attains a new stage in the lifecycle. This workflow tool can help keep your prospects abreast with pertinent information regarding their needs while affording you time to focus on high-priority sales activities like converting a lead to a customer.

Pipedrive Automates Repetitive Tasks

Undertaking repetitive tasks does not only waste time and resources; it is also utterly tedious. The Pipedrive team understands this and has built this CRM platform to aid the convenient automation of previously repetitive activities.

  • Pipedrive can open a new deal when there’s further contact.
  • Pipedrive can quickly transfer ownership to a rep once a deal reaches a particular stage.
  • Pipedrive can create an array of activities each time new deals make their way through your business pipeline.

Automating all these tasks promises efficient multitasking, ensures that you focus on the more essential aspects of your business, and increases productivity on a grander scale.

Pipedrive Guarantees Modernized Sales Activities

Adopting Pipedrive’s streamlined process affords you time to handle critical and more demanding aspects of your business, leaving the forgettable and uninteresting activities to a machine. Additionally, it decreases human errors, setting your sales team on the right path.

Advantages of Pipedrive CRM Platform

Unlike CRM platforms that are way too complicated for the average person to handle, Pipedrive introduces a super-intuitive, beginner-friendly interface that makes it possible for anyone, regardless of IT know-how, to navigate the platform hassle-freely. That’s not all; Pipedrive only includes beneficial features—you do not get tied down with unnecessary items you don’t need.

In terms of cost, Pipedrive allows teams and companies to pay less for more. Sales teams can pay a lesser fee for all plans and customize them to meet their business needs, devoid of hidden costs and restrictions.

As an added advantage, Pipedrive offers customizable reports and product inventories without additional costs.

Essentially, Pipedrive aims to enable sales teams to automate various processes. Introducing these helpful facets sets it apart from other platforms and aligns with the greater goal of delivering sales success across all industries, companies, and teams.








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