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Technology Consulting And full-stack Mobile App Development: Interview with Andrew Drach, CEO and co-founder of Solwey Consulting

Solwey Consulting

Almost every business today needs an online presence, and to achieve the best result online, your business must use the best web design and mobile app development services.
Solwey Consulting creates one of the best custom software solutions to elevate businesses. In this Interview with TechBullion, CEO Dr. Andrew Drach will be sharing with us some of the development services and the success stories so far.

Please tell us more about yourself?

My name is Dr. Andrew Drach, and I am the CEO of Solwey Consulting, an Austin-based boutique technology consulting agency. I am a senior software developer, data scientist and academic entrepreneur focusing on full-stack software engineering, data-driven discoveries and decision-making. I hold a doctorate in engineering and postdoctoral training in computational sciences and have 20-plus years of experience in website, mobile app, e-commerce, SaaS and business intelligence software development.

What is Solwey and what unique services do you provide?

Solwey Consulting offers a full suite of technology consulting services, including UI/UX design, web and mobile software development and testing, and data science and machine learning for business process improvement. We have designed our company and services as a boutique model so that we can be trusted advisors collaborating with our clients as if we were part of their team; obviously, their success would definitely be ours as well. In addition to automated and targeted manual testing, our promise of quality is reflected in my signature and responsibility for every deliverable we submit.

Solwey provides full-stack app development services on Android and iOS. How do you work with high-quality complex mobile apps, any case studies to share with us?

We use our established agile approach to iteratively design, develop and test all components of the app. We divide the complex apps into individual testable components and devise robust interfaces among those parts to ensure a seamless user experience. Solwey Consulting recently developed an Android and iOS app for a property tech company that uses identity verification and smart lock technologies for user self-tour services. The unique app also integrates with Google Maps for location services and a database for data-driven analytics. Various criteria, including property information and location, are provided for searching and filtering available residential properties for sale or rent. The app also allows end users (buyers/sellers and tenants/landlords) to interact with their real estate agents and repair and maintenance contractors.

What is the global market size and level of demand for real estate mobile apps?

Within the real estate industry, mobile apps are being used in residential and commercial property searches, rental property management and to support real estate agents with search, collaboration, coordination and legal document management, as well as with the ever-growing space of individual or crowd investments. In the first half of 2021, there were 23 million installs of real estate mobile apps reported by Sensor Tower. According to the 2021 National Association of REALTORS®, 76% of homebuyers used a mobile or tablet search device in their home search, and 47% of realtors reported using local MLS apps and technology. For buyers and sellers, the primary demand is for property search and viewing services, whereas for tenants and landlords, property management and maintenance apps are more in demand. While e-signature and online document management systems are the predominant apps used by realtors, demand for augmented reality (AR) technology and AI-enabled remote property management tools to help agents gain a competitive edge is growing.

Tell us more about how Solwey helped Triangle with the development of a real estate app, what is the nature of this project?

Triangle is a real estate technology startup with founders experienced in home leasing, sales, real estate law and property management. Triangle is now offering the first version of its property technology applications powered by Solwey Consulting. Triangle tasked Solwey with designing and building multiple apps for residential sales and rental markets. 

Solwey’s solution for Triangle included:

  • Acting as a trusted advisor to the Triangle team, providing business strategy and consulting and identifying technology  vendors for third-party tools.
  • Providing full-stack app development services on Android and iOS, with multiple advanced technology integrations, including identity verification, biometric authentication, smart lock technologies for AI-powered self-tour services and Google Maps for location services.
  • Producing a high-quality complex mobile app via automated testing and focused manual testing on ensuring all user stories and possible scenarios result in a seamless user experience.

Solwey also acts as a trusted advisor to the Triangle team– providing general guidance, consulting and locating vendors, tell us more about this?

Solwey also performed ad hoc tasks for Triangle, such as identifying third-party vendors and evaluating the technologies needed for these apps. We also provide business strategy guidance and technology consulting and thus are seen as a trusted advisor to the Triangle team.

Additionally, we’ve helped Triangle polish the app design, and we’ve been instrumental in driving the app publication in Apple and Google’s app stores.

Who are the brains behind the high-quality mobile apps at Solwey and what makes you special? Could you tell us more about your team and customer support?

We pride ourselves on the fact that, at every level, our team is extremely  hands-on with our clients. From myself to Monika Jociunaite, our creative director; to Nima Ostadi, our chief operating officer; we are all involved in planning, developing, designing, testing and launching all projects from start to finish.   

What are you currently working on at Solwey and what is next on your roadmap, any success stories to share with us?

We recently launched a new proptech platform Triangle (as mentioned in the previous answers) and very proud to see it live and steadily growing and gaining traction. We are also very excited by the success of the rapidly expanding expedited logistics company, Radius Flex Logistics, which makes next-day deliveries on perishable items, though one simple platform and 24/7 support.

Another interesting project we’ve worked on that has been growing at a rapid pace is, a direct-to-consumer brand that creates  an incredible product for travel-size reusable containers. 

And we have had a blast working with on their first-of-a-kind platform for enabling Shopify merchants to manage and sell NFT collections as simple as one-click app install. We have a variety of exciting projects that are still under wraps and we cannot wait to share more details when they go live. 

Do you have any career, investment or partnership opportunities to share with us from Solwey?

We are always looking for new talent to join our team: designers, developers, AI engineers, project managers and tech leads. We just launched new partnerships with Hubspot, Shopify and Route and were just selected to join Upwork’s expert-vetted program. Stay tuned — we have several more partnerships in progress and will be happy to share them when they are finalized!

For anyone who wants to develop a mobile app, how do we get started with Solwey. Do you have more information for our readers today?

We help companies of all sizes grow their businesses and achieve their goals. Eighty percent of our clients are return clients because we provide exceptional technology solutions and customer service. Getting started with Solwey is as simple as sharing your goals and ideas by completing our online form. We love chatting about new ideas and potential projects, so please reach out to any member of our leadership team, on our website or via social media.

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