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The world since the pandemic broke has been different, to say the least. There are investment opportunities galore, new ways of doing business, but less human activity, or physical movement.

The pandemic has had that effect on a lot of us: we notice our waistlines expanding, a little plumpness is noticeable here and there, and surely enough, the scale betrays our gravest fears. And it’s really no wonder, as the luxury of working from home has had many negative effects, weight gain included.

And it really is a luxury to work from home. Perhaps we are even more productive when it comes to our careers. I know many friends and colleagues who have claimed just such a thing; without the hassle and internal politics of the office, we are free to just work – to put our noses to the grindstone. But do we move more? Do we eat less? Probably not.

This is where the world of fitness technology comes into play. With a wide range of applications and devices at your disposal, you can burn away that extra weight in no time and with little hassle.

No longer are consumers relegated to choosing between clunky home gym apparatuses. Many of these new fitness technologies are sleek enough to fit in your pocket. With today’s robust fitness applications, it is just as easy to monitor your body as it is the performance of your stock portfolio.

This article will highlight and discuss some of the major trends in the modern fitness market, with an emphasis on the technologies that will help propel you towards a better sense of well-being. In fact, some of these applications and devices will help you save money as well as calories.

Home Gym Equipment

The market for home gym equipment is booming, especially post COVID. Since many of us are stuck at home, we need a way to conveniently exercise in spite of restrictions. According to a report from Research and Markets, the home gym sector could grow as much as 9% by 2025.

Here are some of the highest rated pieces of home gym equipment:

  • NordicTrack X22i Incline Trainer – Coming in at just below three grand ($2,999), this thing packs some bang for the buck. Not only does it automatically adjust speed and incline throughout the workout, but features a brilliant display feature scenic locations from around the globe. Take a jog through suburban Paris, or the smokey woodland of Tibet.
  • Technogym Skillmill Connect – While not as budget friendly as some of its counterparts ($9,740), this is a unique treadmill that really makes you sweat. That’s because this is a nonmotorized treadmill, which better simulates the act of real-world running. There is adjustable resistance which leads to a diverse workout.
  • Peloton Bike – Bicycling is a great, low-impact form of exercise. It’s not only great for the body, but a real balm to the mind; only, it’s hard to find the time to get out there and do it. A great, entry-level stationary bike like Peloton ($1,895) allows you to get all the benefits of cycling right from your living-room.
  • WaterRower Rowing Machine – This contraption may look a tad eccentric, but stationary rowing is a great, low-impact exercise that works both your arms and core. WaterRower is notable for being “water-powered”, giving you the feeling of rowing across a genuine lake or peaceful river.

Fitness and Wellness Apps

Fitness and Wellness applications may be the best bang-for-your-buck option when it comes to monitoring and improving your health levels. What’s more, the market for fitness apps grew almost 50% in 2020, and shows no sign of slowing down. It’s a trend worth getting on if you want to slim your waistline and fatten your wallet. Here are a few of the field’s standouts:

  • Fiit App – Working out in isolation may be a bit lonely, but Fiit App, an industry leader for several years, makes you feel part of a community by offering a slew on-demand group workouts. The free version gives you access to 75 classes, and the premium version even features live leaderboards, pitting you lightheartedly against other users.
  • Headspace – Headspace goes by the motto of “healthy mind = healthy body”. It all starts with your mental space, and Headspace helps you get your bearings in this regard. A mindfulness and meditation app, Headspace tracks your sessions and progress, giving you an objective picture of your increased spirituality.
  • Sleep Cycle – Nearly everyone we know wants to improve their sleep. Whether it is the stress of work, of the tedium of family life, we bring our life-burdens to bed. Sleep Cycle provides you with a full sleep analysis each night, so that you are able to pinpoint just what is going wrong.

Wearable Technologies

You may think of things like the Garmin watch or FitBit when it comes to this category, but the fact is, there are a plethora of new wearable technologies on the market, ranging from socks to undershirts. And don’t worry, for these companies have made sure to think of fashion as much as practicality when designing these “gadgets”. Look good, fight the fat, and work to get out of financial debt – these are the golden rules of the post-Covid era.

Whatever your specific desires and goals, it is easier than ever to get in shape with all the handy technologies on the market.

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