Technology and Canada hand in hand for More than a Century

Canada Technology

In the books of history, the 20th is marked as the luminous era of technological advancement. Hundreds and thousands of new inventions appeared on the calendar under the label of the previous century. Even the technological marvel of the 19th century, perfected in the 20th one.

Canada remained one of the major spots for such advancements, which resulted in a massive influx of immigrants. Currently, Canada welcomes about 0.3 million immigrants on an annual basis. The number of applicants for Canadian immigration is way higher than this number, but many people couldn’t make it through the citizenship test. In case you are in love with Canadian citizenship, prepare well for it.

Canadian scholars and intellectual persons are well-known for their contribution to science and technology. Either it’s the transportation sector, health, space, communication, energy, or plenty of other sectors, Canadian experts have left their ineradicable traces. Even during the older times, Igloo making to fishing techniques, these all prospered in their hands.

Insulin, the breath-saver for millions of people worldwide, was first used by Dr. Frederick Banting and Charles Best for the treatment of diabetes at the University of Toronto, Canada. They came up with a life-saving practical-based idea for extracting insulin from Pancreas and injecting it into the patient. Now, the same 1921’s insulin has reached the era of AI to counter the excessive expansion of diabetes in patients.

In the 1980s, top scientists of NASA were struggling to launch and retrieve objects in outer space. It was easier said than done because the moment when gravity leaves, spinning gets affected. To counter this problem, a Canadian group came up with the practical idea of Canadarm. This fifteen-meter-long arm reaches out from a space shuttle to launch the required object into outer space.

Charles Saunders was a Canadian who introduced the world to an innovative way of growing wheat in harsh weather conditions. West Canada was never a good place to get optimal outcomes for wheat growth. He experimented with multiple wheat kernels and got the perfect winner in the shape of Marquis wheat kernel. It was capable enough to counter early frost and perfect for baking.

From Blackberry to Electric ovens, snowmobiles to pacemakers, and even Foghorn, all are quick-witted innovations made by Canadians.

French, Canadian, and Britishers were the early ones to formally introduce canal systems during the colonial period.       

Transportation was one of the significant issues of previous centuries until Canadians introduced canoeing. It eased and perfected the transportation mechanism of that era. It was a costly option to opt for roads over long distances between settlements. But, the advent of the Canadian technique of using plank roads built with forest-based products marginally reduced the cost while speeding up the pace of work.

To cut a long story short, Canada is the heart of North America, filled with countless rivers, lakes, and lush green forests. The chilling weather, along with mesmerizing scenery, makes it a perfect place to nourish some of the world’s genius minds who have done wonders. If you scroll through pages of history, you would definitely bow down to the technological contributions made by people of the Great White North!

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