Technology & ADHD: How It Helps to Manage Symptoms

Technology & ADHD

ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder in children and adults. Teenagers and children suffering from ADHD symptoms experience a limited attention span, make regular mistakes, have a short-term memory, and struggle to finish tedious tasks. 

Unfortunately, ADHD doesn’t have one proper cure or treatment. But with the help of technology, this disorder can be successfully managed. 

How? Read in the discourse below. 

ADHD Causes and Symptoms

Before we explore the best ways to manage ADHD, let’s understand its basic cause and symptoms.

There is no certain cause of ADHD, but in some cases, this condition is often developed from the genes inherited from parents. 

Besides, ADHD is also a result of a unique brain structure. Most people with this disorder tend to have some areas of the brain smaller than normal children. 

People born prematurely or with brain damage or epilepsy are more at risk of developing ADHD. 

The three symptoms to detect ADHD are:

  • Impulsiveness
  • Hyperactivity 
  • In attentiveness

Children with the above issues often suffer from issues like:

  • Unnecessary talking
  • Forgetful behavior
  • Changing activity on a constant basis
  • Difficulty in organizing things
  • Excessive movement of the body
  • Unstoppable fidgeting 
  • And many more

It may not always be apparent, but teenagers suffering from ADHD may also develop depression, anxiety, epilepsy, dyspraxia, and severe sleep problems. 


As stated previously, ADHD lacks one proper cure. It is often managed through skills, education, medication, and counseling. 

ADHD, when handled properly, can help people succeed in life. However, if your or your loved ones’ ADHD gets undetected, they may develop depression and stress. 

Therefore its treatment is crucial before its too late. 

Luckily, in this day and age, technology helps in managing ADHD symptoms. It works as a lifeline, both for children and adults, to succeed in life while surviving with ADHD.

Can Technology Manage ADHD Symptoms?

Contrary to common belief, yes, technology can prove quite effective against ADHD. 

Most people think that ADHD may worsen with the excessive use of gadgets. However, this is the half-truth.

Technology is not as evil as portrayed. In fact, it is quite helpful in many ADHD cases. 

Digital tools such as smartphones may reduce focus, attentiveness and increase hyperactivity in ADHD patients. Unnecessary and unmonitored screen time may also increase aggression and stress.

But there are many helpful apps and programs to reduce the symptoms with time.

Technology Benefiting ADHD

Children with ADHD often lag in school tasks. They find it hard to manage time like the rest of their peers and struggle with paying attention. 

To help them overcome these problems, programs, and applications play a great role. They are built to help children reach their goals and stay organized while performing different tasks at home and school. 

Joon is a to-do app for kids with ADHD. This website features interactive video games to make daily tasks fun and interesting. 

Electronic timers also prove fruitful with kids. It allows students to follow a certain schedule and manage all their tasks within a set duration. 

When it comes to adults, technology again plays a vital role. Phone alerts can help you meet your targets on time and save you from hyper-focusing on one task only. 

There are some other popular apps, such as Calm, that integrate mindfulness with movement. These applications feature different meditation practices to slow down the brain and reduce the hyperactivity of the user. 

These applications help ADHD patients to get everything out of their brains. With varying medication exercises, they help you develop better attention and focus. 

How to Use Technology In a  Better Way? 

Excessive video games or internet consumption can worsen ADHD symptoms in some people. So, how to make sure that you use the digital assets wisely? 

It is all about practicing balance. Too many video game ends up increasing the dependency of kids on these tools. Therefore, it is essential to set limits on media use. 

For instance, whether at home or work, you can set media-free hours every day. Interestingly, you can use different applications to set timers for your media-free hours. 

Similarly, when it comes to meditation apps, use them once during the day. Since they help to calm you down, excessive use may make you addicted to them. 

Finally, keep searching. Technology changes faster than anything else, so to use it in a better way, explore updates and apply them to manage ADHD symptoms effectively. 

Final Words

Whether you or someone you know suffers from ADHD, know that isn’t the end of the word. Fortunately, this disorder is manageable using technology, counseling, medication, and training. 

However, it is always wise to consult a specialist before curating a suitable treatment for ADHD. Moreover, take help where necessary and find guidance from experts to develop a feasible plan for this disorder.

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