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Tech Skills That Will Allow You To Get A Job Pretty Easily In A Variety Of Industries


The world of work has gone digital in some industries. The dream of a number of professionals is to find a remote role where they are also paid well. Skills can be developed but there are those that are staples of the tech community. A person working in accounting for a nonprofit might want to have Raiser’s Edge consultants help them with this tool. Learning is at your fingertips as attaining a skill is possible with a few weeks or months of hard work. Online learning is not for everyone but for those that can teach themselves there is no limit to the number of skills you can learn. The following are tech skills that might allow you to find a job pretty easily. 

Microsoft Office

The importance of being able to manage a spreadsheet or document cannot be understated. Google Drive is what a number of organizations use on a daily basis for collaboration. Sharing a document can allow multiple people to edit a document at once. With the number of training available online, there is no excuse not to be extremely literate in terms of the MS Office programs. Excel might be the biggest challenge as some might have an issue remembering formulas to copy into multiple cells. 


Even sales professionals will need to understand this in the tech industry. The creation of a pitch in PowerPoint can be destroyed by a lack of technical skills. Nobody wants to sign a deal with a company where the sales team cannot create a slideshow that even a middle school student could manage. Tech skills are something that is expected when you reach certain levels professionally. 

Copywriting Matters

Copywriting can be so important whether you create blog posts or product descriptions. Finding work online is very easy for skilled writers and content creators. The ability to put together a piece of content with relevant images and links to relevant material can be so important. Most businesses want to educate potential customers about why their services or products are useful. Addressing pain points in writing can be so important as people flock to search engines to have very specific questions answered. 

Website Design

The need for web design is high due to so many people starting their own businesses. Companies also want to do updates on their websites regularly to stay in line with the best practices in terms of SEO. The ability to design a website can also be great if you decide to create an online store. The ability to do A/B testing in terms of sales can provide incredibly valuable data moving forward. A portfolio of pages or websites designed can help prove the quality of your work. 

Certain skills can make it far easier to get a job in multiple industries when they are related to technology. Most companies have room for a talented individual that seems to understand a multitude of new and existing technologies.

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