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Gizmogo is quickly becoming the top choice for buying and selling used tech devices. As an online tech resale marketplace, Gizmogo makes it easy to get cash for your old electronics or find great deals on quality pre-owned tech. With its focus on value, sustainability, and stellar customer service, Gizmogo beats other tech resale sites in many ways.

Why Sell Your Old Tech Devices on Gizmogo?

When you want to sell your used laptop  or  trade in your Phone,  Gizmogo offers several benefits that make it the best tech resale site:

Get More Money for Your Devices

Gizmogo carefully inspects, grades, and prices the pre-owned electronics on its site. This means you can get the best possible resale value for your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or other device. Gizmogo even provides free shipping, so you get to keep 100% of your selling price.

Trade-In for Newer Models

Along with buying your old devices, Gizmogo allows you to trade them in. You can put the value earned towards a discounted certified pre-owned device or a new phone, laptop, smartwatch or tablet. Trading in your tech is an affordable way to upgrade.

Fast and Convenient Process

Selling on Gizmogo is designed for speed and ease. Just search for your device, answer a few questions, print a shipping label, and mail it. Once received, your device is inspected and payment is issued via PayPal or check. The straightforward process makes it the top tech resale marketplace.

Environmentally Friendly

By promoting reuse of electronics, Gizmogo prevents devices from entering landfills. It puts quality used tech into new hands rather than scrapping it. Gizmogo refurbishes devices when needed so they perform like new.

Why Buy Pre-Owned Tech from Gizmogo?

For those looking to save money on quality electronics, Gizmogo has you covered. Here are the top benefits of buying from Gizmogo:

Massive Selection

You’ll find a huge range of certified pre-owned tech-cell phones, tablets, laptops, smartwatches, gaming systems, and more. Gizmogo offers deals on all the top brands including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, and others.

Rigorous Testing

Before listing a pre-owned device for resale, Gizmogo technicians thoroughly inspect and test it. Items that pass receive a certification indicating they meet functionality, battery life, and cosmetic standards. The detailed testing gives you confidence in buying used.

Carrier Unlocking

Many smartphones and cellular tablets on Gizmogo are unlocked or can be carrier unlocked for a small fee. This allows you to use the device on the carrier of your choice. Unlocked phones provide greater freedom and flexibility.


Most pre-owned items on Gizmogo come with a 30 to 90-day warranty as protection against defects. Extended warranty options are also available for additional peace of mind when buying used electronics.

Low Prices

Thanks to its tech resale focus, Gizmogo can offer used devices for a fraction of their original price. You can find quality refurbished products for 40-60% less than buying them new in box. The savings are significant.

Top 5 Categories on Gizmogo

Gizmogo features an extensive selection of discounted pre-owned tech across many desirable categories. Here are 5 of the most popular:


Find excellent deals on used and unlocked iPhones, Android phones, and other mobile phones from leading brands. Gizmogo has a vast range of models, storage capacities, and conditions.


The tablet category includes refurbished iPads, Samsung Galaxy Tabs, Amazon Fire tablets, and used Microsoft Surface models. Quality tested tablets are more affordable.


Mac laptop enthusiasts can browse an array of pre-owned MacBook Airs, MacBook Pros, and more. Advanced testing ensures optimal performance and battery life.


Top smartwatch brands like Apple, Samsung, Garmin, and Fitbit have certified pre-owned options. The selection includes diverse generations, styles, and features.

Video Game Consoles

Get discounted prices on an array of used PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and legacy game systems. All consoles are inspected, cleaned, and restored.

Gizmogo’s Return Process Makes Buying Low-Risk

One concern with buying used tech online is getting a defective device with no recourse. Gizmogo solves this worry with its 7-day return guarantee.

After receiving a pre-owned item, you have 7 days to test it out. If the device malfunctions or you’re unsatisfied for any reason, you can return it for a full refund. Gizmogo even provides a prepaid return shipping label.

The generous return policy gives you the flexibility to purchase used electronics risk-free. If an issue arises during the return period, contact Gizmogo’s helpful customer support team.

Rest assured that if the device stops working properly in the first 30 days, you can return it for a replacement item or refund under the 30-day warranty.

Gizmogo Loyalty Program Rewards Repeat Customers

Beyond competitive prices, Gizmogo entices customers to keep coming back through its loyalty program.

Every time you complete a sale or purchase on Gizmogo, you earn points. As you accumulate points, you unlock different loyalty tier levels. Higher tiers provide bigger discounts on pre-owned tech and faster payment for your trade-ins or sales.

The tiers range from Silver to Platinum, each with increasing rewards. Once you reach Silver status, you get 5% off tech purchases and 3% bonus payments. At the top Platinum level, you earn 15% off and 10% bonuses.

Loyalty perks give buyers cheaper prices and sellers bigger payouts on Gizmogo transactions. The program incentives repeat business so you become a lifelong customer.

Gizmogo Has Excellent Customer Service if Issues Arise

Despite thorough inspections, problems can occasionally happen with used electronics. Defective pre-owned devices, accessories with issues, delayed shipments – what steps does Gizmogo take to make it right?

Gizmogo has a team of helpful and knowledgeable customer support reps ready to address any concerns. You can contact them by phone or email and expect quick, courteous assistance.

For claims related to defective, damaged, or wrong items, Gizmogo will troubleshoot solutions. This may involve providing replacement accessories, repairing or substituting the product, or issuing your money back.

Gizmogo also has solutions if a delivery is late or an order gets lost. They work diligently to track shipments and get you the item or refund expediently.

The focus is always on creating an exceptional customer experience. Gizmogo strives to resolve all issues to your complete satisfaction.

Selling on Gizmogo: How the Process Works

Interested in trading in your used phone, tablet, laptop or other tech for cash or credit on Gizmogo? Here is an overview of how simple and straightforward the selling process is:

  1. Search for Your Device– Enter your device details (make, model, etc) on Gizmogo to verify it’s eligible and see the estimated value.
  2. Ship It Out– If happy with the quote, accept the offer. You’ll receive a prepaid shipping label to mail your device to Gizmogo.
  3. Inspection & Offer– Gizmogo will inspect and grade your item. Within 2 days of receiving it, you’ll get a final offer.
  4. Get Paid– Accept the final offer and Gizmogo will process payment within 48 hours via PayPal, direct deposit, etc.
  5. Repeat!– The quick cash and seamless experience will have you coming back to sell your used devices.

Selling your used tech devices on Gizmogo is truly hassle-free. In a few simple steps, you can convert old electronics gathering dust into money or credit for new gear.

It beats letting devices sit unused. Turn no-longer-needed tech into value through Gizmogo.

Buying Pre-Owned Tech on Gizmogo in 5 Easy Steps

Ready to score major savings on discounted pre-owned tech products? Here is a quick rundown of how straightforward and easy the buying process is on Gizmogo:

  1. Browse Inventory– Use search tools to find used electronics by category, brand, model, price and more. Add desired items to your cart.
  2. Checkout– Once you’ve gathered all the certified pre-owned tech you want, proceed through an easy checkout process.
  3. Confirm Order– Gizmogo will confirm receipt of your order and prep your items for carefully inspected shipping.
  4. Receive Shipment– In 1-4 business days in the US, your tech purchases will arrive fresh and ready to enjoy!
  5. Love Your Savings– Get the latest tech upgrades at reduced used prices without compromise. It’s a win-win scenario.

The streamlined buying experience makes it simple to access incredible deals on used electronics. Save big on tech buys without headaches or hassles.

5 Common Questions About Gizmogo

Here are answers to 5 frequently asked questions about buying and selling on Gizmogo:

Q: Does Gizmogo offer free shipping?

A: Yes, Gizmogo provides free insured shipping both ways. When selling, they send you a prepaid label. On purchases, standard shipping is free within the US.

Q: How does Gizmogo determine prices for used devices?

A: They thoroughly inspect each device to assess its condition. Better quality items get higher buy/sell prices. Real-time supply and demand also impact pricing.

Q: How long does it take to get paid selling a device to Gizmogo?

A: After receiving your device, Gizmogo verifies its condition and sends a final offer within 2 business days. Once you accept, payment is issued within 48 hours.

Q: What kind of warranty do their certified pre-owned items have?

A: Most devices come with a 30-day warranty. Extended 1 or 2 year warranties can be purchased for extra coverage too.

Q: Is Gizmogo trustworthy and secure to deal with?

A: Yes, Gizmogo is an authorized reseller with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. They safely handle payments and sensitive user data. You can buy and sell with confidence.

Why Gizmogo Beats Other Tech Resale Sites

When comparing Gizmogo to other tech buyback and reseller sites, Gizmogo emerges as the superior option for several reasons:

Wider Selection

Gizmogo partners with major electronics makers and carriers to offer the biggest catalog of pre-owned products. You’ll find sensibly priced used tech across every category imaginable.

Higher Payouts

Gizmogo utilizes accurate device diagnostic tools and competitive market analysis to get sellers the maximum possible value for their electronics. You earn top dollar.

Exceptional Service

Their US-based support team offers reliable, knowledgeable guidance. Gizmogo is committed to providing an outstanding experience pre and post-sale.

Seamless Processes

Selling and buying processes are straightforward and hassle-free. Simple online tools make trading electronics easier than competitors.

Sustainability Focused

Gizmogo’s resale model promotes reuse and recycling. It keeps devices from landfills and reduces harmful e-waste. The environment wins.

For an optimal tech resale marketplace, choose Gizmogo over other buyback vendors. Gizmogo is the clear leader in the space.


Gizmogo stands atop the tech resale and buyback marketplace by offering customers better selection, prices, service, and sustainability. Both buyers and sellers benefit from an exceptional user experience built on value.

With rigorous inspection and quality standards, Gizmogo ensures pre-owned devices meet high performance expectations. Backed by warranties and friendly support, purchases are low risk.

Selling to Gizmogo guarantees the maximum return for your device thanks to accurate grading and competitive offers. The seamless process puts cash in your hand quickly and easily.

For those looking to save money on great used tech gear or wanting to profit from unused electronics, Gizmogo is the optimal choice. Experience the Gizmogo difference yourself today.

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