Tech Live Connect Discusses The Importance Of Live Software Support

Software Support

Live software support is a must in today’s competitive tech industry. Live software support means that users who need help can immediately connect with an expert to solve their problems. According to Tech Live Connect, live software support is one of the most important things a tech company can offer to its customers.

Advantages of Live Tech Support

Customer expectations have only increased over the past several years. Customers rely on tech companies to provide essential services for the completion of their daily tasks. According to recent research, 76 percent of consumers expect tech companies to understand their expectations and needs.

In the past, users needed to rely on online or integrated help menus to find answers to their software questions. They were also able to ask their local IT personnel for help. IT departments are often overworked, and not all solutions can be found in the help documents.

This leaves an opportunity for companies to step in and offer live tech support. When software users are able to connect with support at any time of the day or night, they are more likely to remain loyal to the program and to continue using it well into the future.

Methods of Live Tech Support

Artificial intelligence has already made a huge impact in the world of tech support. AI or chatbot systems are a great solution when customers are looking for simple answers to their questions.

When the AI’s information has been exhausted, end users are connected to a human chat operator who can complete their information requests in a timely manner. This method produces seamless handoffs and makes the end-user more comfortable with using a chatbot.

Voice support over the phone is also a good way to offer live tech support. Many users find it helpful to have an operator walk them through procedures and make sure that everything is working properly before they hang up.

Ways that Support Companies Can Assist Customers

Support companies are able to help users with simple questions using AI chatbots. Searching the help menu has been replaced by talking with an AI bot using natural language. Information on the features of the software is easily answered by a chatbot.

When the queries become more complex, live support agents need to step in. Troubleshooting programs works well with live support agents. Complex issues can be dealt with by live support agents as well. Many times, solving a computer problem can be accomplished by turning the computer off and turning it on again, but live support goes far beyond this solution. 

Live support agents can solve problems like storage issues or frozen screens. They can also provide suggestions for how the user can take advantage of the features of the program to do their work more efficiently.

E-Commerce Use of Live Tech Support

Tech companies are also providing live support to e-commerce firms. E-commerce customers demand better response times than they would receive by email or on social media. When using live chat solutions, response times are reduced to a matter of minutes.

Live chat appeals to consumers who are tech-savvy as well as those who are relative newcomers. Many people prefer not to make phone calls, and live chat support is a huge help to these consumers. The reasons why users do not want to make phone calls could range from general inexperience with talking on the phone to the perception that a chat is less disruptive to their day than an extended phone call.

The Same Response Times, Day or Night

Many tech employees work long hours and are not restricted to 9 to 5 employment. These users need tech support when they are working, and often they cannot wait until the next business day to receive help. Live tech support appeals to these users, especially when they are facing tight deadlines or stressful situations.

The Benefits of Live Tech Support

Technology companies can use dedicated live support solutions like Tech Live Connect to help their users run their software with the best results. Tech Live Connect says that using a live support solution can help solve problems and create more brand loyalty. All tech companies should consider the possibilities of live support and put them into action. 

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