Tech Innovator And Multi-Millionaire Arham Muhammed’s Rise to Success

Tech Innovator

Hardship and poverty are a heart-breaking reality globally – a fact to which Arham Muhammad is no stranger. Yet he rose above these challenges to multi-millionaire stardom. 

The life journey of multi-millionaire Arham Muhammad made him wise beyond his years. He’s an old soul captured in a young body, who has a remarkable story to tell. 

Pakistani-born Arham Muhammad is no stranger to pain and suffering. Life has dealt him countless blows, yet he has risen above his circumstances. Coming from a broken home, his childhood was rough, but his fascination with technology provided a much-needed distraction.  

Tinkering with computers, Arham developed his first business concept based on a social media platform similar to Facebook. During this process, he learned the value of hard work, clocking around 20 work hours a day to succeed in his new passion. Unfortunately, his teenage dreams never materialized the way he desired, and the venture was ultimately abandoned due to a variety of factors. Although heartsore, Arham saw this as a learning curve on his way to success. “I don’t believe in ever giving up,” said Arham. “Failure is as much a part of life as the air we breathe. Failure has taught me how to succeed and allowed me to become better at what I do.”

Although proud of his heritage, Arham faced daily challenges in his global digital advertising company. At that time, Pakistan was not always recognized in business and entrepreneurial circles and had a problematic banking and financial system to navigate – especially from international waters.  

This made establishing and running an international business that much harder, but Arham didn’t allow obstacles to stand in his way. “You just have to get on with it,” he said. “Waiting for things to change in your life will result in dismay and regret because nothing changes unless we change it. You just have to find solutions to the problems you encounter. For example, we found alternative ways to bank and access our international payments, rather than just saying, ‘One can’t accept and process foreign currency in Pakistan.’”

Arham’s teenage years were marked by an in-depth interest in reverse engineering, cyber forensics, and cybersecurity. He used his skills to pen test, writing a proof of concept, and finding vulnerabilities on the websites of famous companies such as Microsoft, AOL, Sony, and ESPN. In Arham’s late teens, he had to leave school due to financial constraints. “Leaving school before I could graduate was one of the hardest things for me to do,” said Arham. “Overnight, I saw my dreams shattered and realized that I’d have to get out into the adult world and earning a living.” 

With no prior sales experience, Arham decided to try his hand at digital advertising, then a booming industry. For the best part of two years, he worked on a new business concept, eventually launching the company in 2012, just as he turned 20. It turned out to be very successful, eventually grossing a consistent nine figures in revenue. 

“When I hit the ultimate multi-millionaire milestone at 24, I was beyond overjoyed!” said Arham. “Finally, I could purchase a house for my mother and offer our family the security I had never enjoyed. Introducing my mother to her new home was a moment I’ll never forget.” 

Even with this great accomplishment behind his belt, Arham remains humble. He believes that his failures in life and business are what shaped and groomed him for success.

Arham’s current business ventures involve direct-response advertising and a combination of artificial intelligence and automation. “I’ve always been obsessed with AI and automation,” said Arham. “Due to circumstances beyond my control, I was not able to complete school, but I never let this get in my way. My advice would be to focus on what you can change in your life and make the most of every opportunity that comes your way.”  

Contact Arham via his LinkedIn page at https://www.linkedin.com/in/arham-muhammad/

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