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Tech, Borders, and Beyond: Zubair Amin’s Inspiring Journey

Tech, Borders, and Beyond: Zubair Amin's Inspiring Journey

Zubair Amin is more than just an entrepreneur; he is a visionary leader on a mission to transform the tech and business landscape in Pakistan. With a trailblazing career marked by the founding of Ideafist Solutions, Techlist, Domain Beans, Travlisto, and Konsla, Zubair’s entrepreneurial journey is nothing short of remarkable. Today, we delve into his significant contributions to the tech and domain industry and explore his unwavering commitment to empowering Pakistan’s youth with the transformative potential of technology.

Early Beginnings and Entrepreneurial Spirit

Zubair Amin embarked on his entrepreneurial journey over a decade and a half ago, with his first steps into the world of technology and business in 2005. His early endeavors led to the founding of “” in 2006, a company specializing in web hosting services. In 2008, he further expanded his entrepreneurial portfolio with the registration of “Ideafist,” a company was listed with Pakistani tax authorities in that time. This venture focused on web design and development services world wide. Zubair’s unwavering passion for innovation and his determination to create an impact in the tech industry became the cornerstones of his remarkable career.

Pioneering Tech News with Techlist

Not content with just being an entrepreneur, Zubair Amin recognized the need for a reliable source of technology news in Pakistan. This led to the creation of “,” a pioneering technology news website. Through, Zubair and his team have been keeping the Pakistani audience informed about the latest tech trends and developments, bridging the gap between local and global tech news.

Domain Name Expertise with Domain Beans

In 2007, Zubair Amin ventured into the domain name industry, commencing with the registration of his initial domain, “” His journey gained momentum with the sale of “” on the BrandBucket platform, fueling his determination to excel.

Within a year, he achieved a pivotal milestone with the sale of “” to a Canadian businesswoman, marking the evolution of his domain hobby into a thriving career. Notably, Zubair’s first major domain sale was “,” and this marked the beginning of a series of successful domain transactions that continues to this day. Zubair’s expertise in domain name brokerage, particularly with premium domains, has established him as a leading figure in this specialized market.

Zubair Amin’s extensive domain name portfolio is prominently featured on two reputable platforms, and, which is now part of the renowned GoDaddy brand. These platforms showcase Zubair’s diverse collection of valuable domains, further solidifying his presence in the domain name industry.

Empowering Pakistan’s Youth

Zubair Amin’s passion for technology and entrepreneurship goes beyond his own success. He envisions a Pakistan where every individual can be their own boss and earn in dollars rather than Pakistani rupees. To achieve this vision, he has created a platform on his website,, where he shares valuable technology tips, programming tutorials, and domain name business insights. By providing access to high-tech skills, Zubair is equipping Pakistani youth with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving digital world.

Konsla: A Consultancy Experts Marketplace

Zubair’s entrepreneurial spirit continues to drive him forward. He recently launched “Konsla,” a consultancy experts marketplace that connects businesses with industry professionals. While it’s currently in its beta version and under testing, Zubair and his dedicated team are tirelessly working to enhance its features and bring it to the global market. Konsla promises to be a game-changer in the consulting industry.

A Passion for Global Exploration

Beyond his professional accomplishments, Zubair Amin is a passionate traveler with a deep appreciation for nature. His adventurous spirit has taken him to more than 10 countries, where he has explored diverse cultures and landscapes. This passion for travel led him to create “,” a travel blog that offers a comprehensive guide based on his own experiences. Zubair’s dedication to sharing his travel knowledge underscores his commitment to helping others explore the world.

Zubair Amin is keen on exploring countries with his Pakistani Green passport, which is currently one of the weakest passports in the world in terms of visa-free access. Despite this limitation, Zubair’s determination to travel and experience the world remains undeterred. His adventures serve as an inspiration to others, demonstrating that even with travel restrictions, the world is still full of opportunities for exploration and discovery.

Overcoming Challenges and Expanding Horizons

Operating a tech-oriented business in Pakistan has come with its share of challenges. One notable obstacle has been the lack of support from global payment service providers like PayPal, Stripe etc. Despite these limitations, Zubair’s determination led him to establish a second office in Dubai, UAE, allowing him to compete in the global market without any hindrances. His unwavering belief in the potential of Pakistan’s youth keeps him hopeful that one day, PayPal will extend its services to the country.


Zubair Amin’s journey as an entrepreneur, domain name expert, and tech visionary is a testament to his resilience and dedication to bringing about positive change in Pakistan. From pioneering tech news to empowering the youth with high-tech skills, Zubair’s contributions are shaping the future of technology and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. As he continues to lead and innovate, Zubair Amin remains a beacon of hope for the nation’s aspiring entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts, proving that with determination and vision, one can overcome any obstacle and make a lasting impact on society.

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