Tech-Based Solutions That Will Help Manage Your Team Better

Manage Your Team Better

Individual employees have a measure of personal responsibility. Should they become managers, they would also be held accountable for those under them. Most managers have superiors too, and they have to give regular reports on their progress.  

Being a boss is not an easy task because they need to know how their employees are doing, and what are their strengths and weaknesses. There’s also such things as training, development and performance to think about. Whilst it can be difficult to monitor your staff when they are in the same office as you, it can be even harder when they work remotely. Fortunately the rapid advance in technology can now make it easier for managers to keep tabs on their staff. Let’s now discuss some of the modern innovations that can help you in this area.

Single Platforms For Staff Benefits

It can be confusing and time consuming when information is held on different software. The computer specialists at say people are wanting to manage their staff benefits better, using single platforms and leading technology. When the compliance aspects are covered automatically, this can significantly save time. 

The benefit information can be  easily accessible, enabling employees to better educate themselves about their options. 

Video Conferencing Applications

A manager may urgently need to ask an employee something. In the past, it could be a real issue if the person wasn’t in the office. Thanks to video conferencing, face to face discussions can now occur anywhere. Two people can have a chat, and if additional contributions are required, other people can be invited to join. 

There are many choices for managers when it comes to video conferencing software. There’s Skype, Slack, Microsoft Rooms, Facetime and Whatsapp. Zoom allows people to join break out rooms for discussions before they return to the main meeting. Google Meet has the capacity to link itself with the Google Calendar for scheduling purposes. 

Other Communication Software

Managers can use such tools as Slack to privately message individuals. In a similar way to email address lists, they can also communicate with specific groups. This means they could write to all the members of the Sales team for example, or those involved in the Disaster Recovery Project. 

Once again, people can connect the software to calendar applications. They can also make themself unavailable, or choose to snooze notifications. 

Software For Remote Workers

Managers are enabled to know more about their staff’s activity, be they home workers or field staff. There are job sheet apps that help managers to allocate work, and the employees can update them when it has been completed. Thanks to smart technology, remote workers can access and edit the information using their phones, tablets or laptops. 

Managers can see the day’s tasks at a glance, and send physical directions where necessary. Employees have a greater sense of accountability when their managers know where they are and what they are doing. 

CRM (Customer Relationship Management) Systems

One major example would be Salesforce. A host of different information is sent to one application. In turn, managers can access customised dashboards and bespoke reports whenever they need. Other applications can be used as add-ons too, to increase its functionality. 

Managers can be enabled to see which staff are selling what, and how many. They can receive sales forecasts that are based on past performance. Someone could also review a customer’s journey from start to finish. This could include details of every phone call, email and financial transaction. 

It’s also possible to use this kind of system to ensure that warm leads have been followed up by the sales team. Managers can also review recent email marketing campaigns. They can assess whether their staff have been targeting the right people, and whether the wording has been correctly personalised. It’s even possible to know whether the public have read the emails or clicked on the internal links. 


Security Software

It is essential that a manager’s (and in fact all) information is kept secure. Most modern applications feature increasing levels of privacy, to protect sensitive and personal data from online hackers and cybercriminals. This can include the use of firewalls, virus software, two-factor authentication and message encryption. 

When all these different elements are combined, they make an impressive set of tools for managers. They no longer need to keep interrupting staff to ask questions. Instead they can read information that is updated in real time, and access it from anywhere using a phone or a computer. Not only can this make managers more efficient, but it can also give companies the edge over their rivals. 

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