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Team Extension Model or Dedicated Development Team 

Large companies who used to do business in an old fashioned way is now embracing the blessings of technologies. Sustaining in the business field has become extremely competitive and without the help of software and IT professionals, it’s nearly impossible to ensure the success of any business. Imagine, you are dealing with the salary sheet of 2000 employees with a pen and paper. It’s very obvious, you need to have a strong HR (human resource department) to do all these complex tasks. But with the help of simple software, you can easily manage 2000 employees.

So, it’s inevitable, you need IT professionals to increase the productivity of your business. But things become a little bit confusing when people get the option to select between Team Extension Model and Dedicated Team. Let’s dig deep and find out which model should we pick as a business owner.

Team Extension Model

After embracing modern technology and starting to use sophisticated software to increase productivity, setting up an IT department becomes very vital. The owners or HR usually hire high end IT professionals so that they can fill the technical knowledge gap of the existing staff. As the business grows, it often becomes hard for the in house IT department to handle the load. This is where the term Team Extension Model kicks in. The company looks for professionals who are excellent in the use of advanced software and troubleshoot any technical difficulties with a high level of accuracy. But you have to remember the fact, Team Extension Model is increasing the fixed cost of your business. So, compare the ROI to ensure managed cash flow in the business.

Dedicated Development Team

The Dedicated Development Team offers a perfect solution for small to medium-size businesses. Many large organizations are leaning towards this service as they can focus on their core business. In this process, you will hire a specialized team known as the Dedicated Development Team and they will be responsible to deal with all the technical or IT-related issues. Though this process requires onetime cost but selecting the DDT model for long term ventures is not that cost-effective.

Pros and cons

TEM (Team Extension Model) and DDT (Dedicated Development Team) both has pros and cons. In the TEM model, you will have complete control over the team members and bringing any sudden change to your existing project will not be an issue. On the contrary, the DDT model works more like an independent contrary and they focus on the overall project scope. You will have less control since they will have their plan to make a project successful. But if you can outsource the DDT from a reputed company, chances are very high they will collaborate with your IT department in a very rational way. Due to their professionalism and high efficiency, you will have a better chance to take care of your business growth. In the long run, your developers will have the opportunity to learn many things from the DDT or Dedicated Development team.

So, which model is the best?

To be honest, both these model has unique pros and cons. So, you need to prioritize your requirement and select the model which suits the best for your requirement. If you are intending to build a strong IT department, the TEM model might be the perfect solution for you. But never forget the fact, the initial ROI in the TEM model will not be high compared to the DDT model. On the contrary, if you are looking for a quick solution to a complex problem, hiring DDT would be a wise decision. The Dedicated Development Team will take all the workload and make sure you get your desired work done within the stipulated time.

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