TDD Launches PancakeSwap, NFT Blind Box pre-sale and IDO Event are coming

NFT Blind Box

A BSC chain-based NFT-GameFi star project called: The Digital Dinosaur is receiving high attention from the market. Recently, The Digital Dinosaur officially announced its game token-TDD will be officially launched on PancakeSwap on 2022.01.06. Before the token goes live, it will be held for users around the world: DDino NFT blind box pre-sale, TDD airdrop, territorial airdrop, and a series of IDO welfare activities.

 “The Digital Dinosaur” is the first NFT-GameFi ecological game based on the BSC chain launched by Pixel Land, co-founded by Dimitry Sorokin (formerly Blizzard member) and Torres Affleck (formerly Google member). The game integrates diversified “Play to Earn” gameplay. Players can get $TDD rewards through guarding the territory, PvE Lord Challenge, PvP player battles and NFT transactions.

As 2022 is approaching, “The Digital Dinosaur” will be launched in January in order to attract more first batch of players and market traffic to pay attention to and participate in the game. Before the game goes online, there will be a number of holdings around users who purchase TDD blind boxes. Madden welfare activities are for global users to participate in. The following are several important time welfare nodes that can be participated in the TDD project:

1. 2021.12.29/12.31: DDino-NFT blind box pre-sale starts (two phases in total);

2. 2022.01.02 — 01.05: TDD global IDO snap-up celebration;

3. 2022.01.05: Hold DDino-NFT blind box to receive TDD airdrop activities;

4. 2022.01.12: Hold a DDino-NFT blind box to receive an airdrop event worth 50 USDT;

5. 2022.01.06: PancakeSwap is launched on TDD;

6. 2022.01.12: “The Digital Dinosaur” global 1.0 public beta and open trading market;

1) DDino-NFT blind box pre-sale:

Date: 12.29/12.31

Price: $200 USDT;

Quantity: 4000

DDino blind box, dinosaur level is divided into C (normal), B (intermediate), A (advanced), S (rare), SS (epic) and SSS (extreme) six levels, sea, land, and air. Among them, the proportion of each rare grade is C grade 37% B grade 30%, A grade 21%, S grade 11.85%, SS grade 0.1%, and SSS grade 0.05%.

   Before the game goes live, the original DDino-NFT blind box of $3500/unit will be pre-sold on the official website of “The Digital Dinosaur” at a limited time discount price of $200 USDT. The total pre-sale is limited to 4000 DDino-NFT blind boxes. Two-term sales, while stocks last, 80% of the funds inflow from the blind box pre-sale market will flow into the PancakeSwap liquidity pool:

Pre-sale of the first phase: the quantity is 1000, the price: 200USDT;

Pre-sale of the second phase: 3000 pieces, price: 200USDT;

The $TDD token and the game will be launched one after the other. After the game is launched, the price of the DDino-NFT blind box will be adjusted to 3500 $TDD/unit, and the market value of the blind box will be significantly premium. After purchasing the blind box, you can participate in a number of official TDD airdrops, territorial airdrops and IDO welfare activities, earning again and again; the DDino-NFT obtained by opening the blind box after the game is online will be more likely to be obtained according to the NFT level Dozens of times the value gain; in addition, the DDino NFTs produced by the blind box can be applied to the Dinosaur series of games and the meta-universe ecology that the platform will launch in the future.

2) TDD-IDO capital preservation competition: 2022.01.02 — 01.05

Users who hold TDD-DDino NFT blind boxes can participate in the TDD-IDO quota bidding on the official website and designated platforms. Users who successfully bid can get 50U IDO quota, and 40% of the tokens will be released for each pass. 30% will be released every month, and the number of TDD-IDO whitelists is limited to 2000.

In response to the blind box whitelist users participating in this IDO event, TDD proposes an IDO guarantee mechanism, promising that the price of the era currency released by the token will not be lower than the IDO price, and if it is lower, the IDO subscription amount will be returned to the original way.

3) TDD airdrop benefits: 2022.01.05

Users who buy and hold blind boxes during the pre-sale period will receive 350 TDD token airdrop benefits before the token goes online;

4) Hold DDino-NFT blind box to win territory airdrop: 2022.01.12

Territory is a resident item that needs to be purchased in the game. Only if you own a territory and pledge DDino-NFT cards, you can guard the territory and get high TDD rewards every 24 hours. Territories are divided into three attributes: land, sea, and sky.

Hold the DDino-NFT blind box to the launch of the “The Digital Dinosaur” game, and you can win a territorial airdrop (sea/land/air) worth 50 USDT.

5) TDD launches PancakeSwap: 2022.01.6

  • TDD issuance details and economic model:

TDD: Currently the only circulated Token in the Digital Dinosaur World, with a total circulation of 400 million, and will never be issued:

55%: NFT Mining reward

31%: Battle rewards, including PvE/PvP/ranking matches, etc.;

6% is used for market circulation, and 5% will be released every month since TDD goes online;

6% is officially held, used for operation and game development, and 25% is released every 6 months;

2% is used for IDO;

 TDD is issued in limited quantities, with the game’s own “token circulation consumption model + daily burning and destruction mechanism + deflationary release model”, which can ensure the steady flow of TDD into the market and facilitate the steady increase of TDD value.

  • Token circulation consumption model:

Blind box token consumption: In theory, a player needs at least one dinosaur, while participating in PvP requires at least three dinosaurs to participate in the game. The only way to get dinosaurs is to buy blind boxes on the official market. All TDD received by the platform from the purchase will be burned;

 Item consumption: Players can use $TDD to purchase items that are conducive to the progress of the game to enrich the game experience;

Territory consumption: Territory is a key consumable item that needs to be purchased with $TDD in the game. It helps players obtain generous territory guarding rewards while also consuming its use time. After completing the guarding time of the territory, the player needs to renew Buy territory

Ticket consumption: Players who want to participate in PvE, PvP and qualifying to obtain battle rewards, all need to consume $TDD as tickets;

All the above-mentioned in-game consumption of $TDD tokens will be burned.

  • Deflation release model + daily burning mechanism:

The $TDD produced by players staking dinosaur NFTs to guard the territory is a pledge output. Each dinosaur NFT has a certain physical strength value every day, and players need to participate in PvE and PvP battles to release by consuming the physical strength of the dinosaur NFT they hold. Victory in the battle can release the pledged output in proportion to the number of tickets to obtain additional $TDD rewards; while the $TDD tickets consumed by the player’s defeat in battle will be burned and destroyed to achieve deflationary release to ensure the market circulation and value of $TDD .

The Gamefi craze around the concept of meta-universe has arrived. The Digital Dinosaur project has a cutting-edge technical team composed of former members of Blizzard and Google. It has a rich and diversified new Play-To-Earn model, easy to play, and successfully obtained More than 5 million US dollars in financing. Can “The Digital Dinosaur” achieve corner overtaking and become the first GameFi star dark horse project in 2022 after AXIE and RACA? Let’s wait and see.

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