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TC2000 vs. Thinkorswim 2023 – Which One Is Right For You?

TC2000 vs. Thinkorswim 2023

Launched in 1997 as a product of Worden Brothers Inc., TC2000 is a premium trading platform designed for experienced investors focused on robust charting and advanced analysis tools. TC2000 offers three premium subscriptions and very trading fees alongside its partner brokerage Interactive Brokers. The TC2000 has won many awards, including the prestigious best analytical software under $500, chosen by the Stocks & Commodities Magazine, for the past 24 years.

Launched in 1999 and acquired in 2009 by TD Ameritrade, Thinkorswim is one of the oldest and most established research platforms. Thinkorswim is available on desktop, mobile, and as web-based software. Unlike TC2000, it has no subscription but charges a flat trading fee on all orders. Thinkorswim is one of the best platforms and is rated as the best trading platform for active traders by StockBrokers.

In this quick review of these products, we’ll go over the best features of each; for a more in-depth analysis, check out our full TC2000 vs. Thinkorswim side-by-side comparison.

TC2000 Vs. Thinkorswim Plans – Side By Side

Starting with the similarities, both platforms offer access to:

  • Data feeds
  • Alerts and indicators
  • Powerful charting tools and graphs
  • Customizable stock scanners
  • Market Monitor

TC2000 has three premium plans: TC2000 Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Monthly fees for each plan range from $9.99-$89.98 – or $7.49-$67.49 if you use our link to sign up. Thinkorswim doesn’t have any subscriptions; instead, they charge a trading fee whenever you place an order. Both platforms are insured by the SIPC for up to $500,000 and use cutting-edge bank-level security to secure personal information.

TC2000 and Thinkorswim offer excellent data feeds, alerts & indicators, and powerful charting tools. Both platforms have excellent user reviews and are available on desktop, web, Android, and iOS devices.

Platform TC2000 Thinkorswim
Trading Commissions Yes No
Data feeds Requires an additional monthly subscription Yes
Options statistics Yes Yes
Alerts & Indicators Yes Yes
Charting Tools And Graphs Yes Yes
Scanners Yes Yes
Customizable Triggers Yes. No programming experience required historical No
Historical Condition Testing Yes No


TC2000 and Thinkorswim are two of the best research platforms for experienced investors, with very comprehensive data feeds. In terms of cost, TC2000 charges a flat trading fee when placing orders for stocks & ETFs ($4.95 per trade), Options ($0.65 per contract + $2.95 per trade), and Mutual Funds ($14.95 per transaction).

Even though Thinkorswim doesn’t offer or charge a subscription fee, regular trading fees are considerably higher than those of TC2000, starting at $25 per trade for stocks, ETFs, and mutual funds. Options have a $25 + $0.65 per contract fee, and futures have a flat $2.25 + exchange/regulatory fees.

We also compare how Thinkorswim stacks up against another subscription-based trading platform in our TradingView vs. Thinkorswim side-by-side comparison.

Thinkorswim doesn’t offer any additional plan or service, unlike TC2000, which provides more than ten dedicated data feeds that you can opt-in for – for a small fee. With TC2000, you also have the option to purchase additional alerts if you’re running close to the monthly limit.

For the more advanced traders, the TC2000 Platinum subscription includes benefits like historical data testing, automatic refresh intervals on sorts & scans, market timing indicators, and more.

Our Recommendation

If you’re still unsure which platform is a better fit for you, these are our recommendations:

  • If you’re not looking to spend a lot of money on a subscription and would rather pay-as-you-go, we recommend Thinkorswim
  • If you’re an experienced trader that wants to access basic charts and watchlists, plus a more affordable price for trades, we recommend the TC2000 Silver subscription
  • If you’re looking for more comprehensive research tools and access to exclusive data feeds, we recommend the TC2000 Platinum subscription

Regarding stock and options research platforms, we recommend starting with the basic or free subscription to get a feel for the platform and work your way up.

TC2000 Fees vs. Thinkorswim Fees


  • Silver Subscription: $9.99/month (or $99/year)
  • Gold Subscription: $29.99/month (or $299/year)
  • Platinum Subscription: $89.98/month (or $899/year)

If you sign up using our link, you’ll get a 25% discount on all annual subscriptions, and you will only pay $7.49, $22.49, and $67.49/month for the Silver, Gold, and Platinum subscriptions, respectively. We recommend checking out our full TC2000 review if you want a deeper look into each subscription.

Additionally, there are trading fees:

  • Stock & ETFs: $4.95 per trade
  • Options: $0.65 per contract + $2.95 per trade
  • Mutual Funds: $14.95 per transaction


  • Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds: Free (or $25 for broker-assisted trades)
  • Options: $0.65 per contract (or $25 + $0.65 per contract for broker-assisted trades)
  • Futures: $2.25 per contract + exchange/regulatory fees
  • Forex: Free

Keep in mind that for forex trades, bid/ask spread applies, and futures trading incurs exchange & regulatory fees. If you’re looking for a platform similar to Thinkorswim, we recommend checking out our TradeStation vs. Thinkorswim review.

Signing Up With TC2000

Even though anyone can register and create a TC2000 account, TC2000 only securities from US and Canadian markets. The signup process is quick, and you can get started in minutes. Here are the steps:

  • Visit TC2000’s website
  • On the top right, click Open Account
  • Click Start Application
  • Fill in some of your basic information

If you use our link to sign up, you can get up to $200 as a welcome bonus; additionally, you’ll unlock your referral link, which you can use immediately to refer friends and earn commissions.

TC2000 Screenshot


TC2000 and Thinkorswim are two of the best platforms if you’re looking for advanced research and technical analysis. However, we believe TC2000 is ahead in almost all aspects, including fees, flexibility, and access to specialized data feeds. For those reasons, we recommend TC2000 as the superior option for experienced traders.

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