Tatatu Token – The most Potential Currency Right Now

The use of Cryptocurrencies has grown over the past years. Right now, there are over 24M Bitcoin wallet addresses, and 1.1M of the wallet addresses are active. Similarly, there are over 31 M addresses in Ethereum, and over 1.1M of those address are daily users. This data is not surprising, because Ethereum is merely smart contracts on the network, while Bitcoin is designed to be a store of value. Also, there are 20.2M users on cryptocurrency exchanges combined.

This shows that cryptocurrency is still in its infant stage. The growth of cryptocurrency is following the path of the internet. The internet had two stages of exponential growth. The first stage was from 1991-1995 while the second stage was from 2014-2017. Over the past three years, the world of cryptocurrency has experienced exponential growth in its number of users.

The value of Bitcoins grew from almost nothing to $20,000 in 2017. Despite the fact, that the value of Bitcoins came crashing earlier this year, the value of cryptocurrencies in general, Dapps, and tokens is still on the rise. In March, the price of Bitcoin rose by 6% within 24 hours, and the same happened for Ethereum, ripple, and litecoin. In fact, after the significant cryptocurrency crash in February, Bitcoin prices rose by more than $1,000 in 1 hour. Today, Bitcoin is worth $8,516 as of the time of this righting according to CoinMarketCap.

Bitcoin has produced many millionaires; one example is the teenager, Erik Finman that dropped out of high school to trade cryptocurrencies. He had only $1,000 worth of Bitcoins. Today, he is worth millions of dollars

Another example is Dan Conway, who invested his net worth on Ethereum in 2016 when the price was $10 and today Ethereum is worth $1,300.

A new currency emerge

Due to a significant rise in cryptocurrencies, many currencies have risen to change the conventional mode of payment. An example of such coin is Tatatu. Tatatu was released in June this year. The currency has sold more than $500 million worth of units. Tatatu is still in the alpha testing mode, but the coin has over 200,000 registrants that are waiting for the beta launch. Experts have predicted the growth of the coin to gross over 2M users in a year’s time.  We are aware of the exponential growth of all the social media platforms. Facebook, for instance, has almost 2 billion users. Instagram has over 800 million users. Twitter has over 300 million users. Tatatu is a social media platform that it operates on the blockchain technology. The platform encourages token users to vote the content on the platform in a decentralized way. The token also provides incentives for users to invite their friends.

In Nov 2017, Bitcoins price rose from $9600 to $10,000 within 24 hours, And just 10 days after its launch, the value of the currency doubled to reach its first all-time high of $20,000. Bitcoin has outshined all current investment since 2017 and Tatatu is likely to follow the same path. Tatatu offers movies, videos, music,  games, and sports for its users. Their vision is to become the only cryptocurrency in the media entertainment industry.


The token (TTU) is worth $0.5 today. TTU is a long-term Investment like the bitcoin, you can buy it now and hold or trade it like what people have done with the BTC since 2010.

TTU’s value will continue to grow. Experts have predicted the token to reach $10 in December and be worth $25 in 2020 and $50 in 2021. Tatatu has been featured on Forbes, TechCrunch, CoinTelegraph and more.

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