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Tapbit Exchange In-Depth Evaluation: Best Crypto Exchange in 2023?

In the rapidly evolving cryptocurrency trading landscape, Tapbit( emerged as a standout platform, boasting a comprehensive range of features and high-quality services that have garnered a loyal user base. In this article, we present a deep evaluation of Tapbit, synthesizing user feedback and highlighting its significant advantages. We aim to provide you with a thorough examination of Tapbit, enabling you to make informed and rational decisions.

Regulatory Compliance:

Tapbit places a strong emphasis on regulatory compliance, holding licenses such as the US MSB license, NFA license, and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Financial Services Authority (SVGFSA) license. This regulatory framework instills additional trust and legal protection for users, fostering confidence in digital asset trading.

Security Measures:

Tapbit implements multi-layered security measures to safeguard user funds and information. These measures include cold storage and hot wallet systems, multi-signature authentication, and a robust $40 million insurance fund. As of early 2023, Tapbit has not experienced any significant security breaches or data leaks, demonstrating its commitment to user asset security.

User Interface and Experience:

Tapbit’s user interface prioritizes usability and personalization. With advanced customization options, users can tailor the interface according to their preferences, enhancing the overall trading experience. Continual improvements based on user feedback ensure that Tapbit strives to provide a comfortable and flexible platform for its users.

A Comprehensive Range of Products and Services:

Tapbit offers an extensive array of trading products and services, encompassing spot trading, futures trading, copy trading, earn products, and even forex and commodities trading services that are not commonly found on other exchanges. This diverse range of investment options caters to traders of varying skill levels.

Digital Assets and Trading Pairs:

Tapbit supports a wide variety of digital assets, including both mainstream and niche cryptocurrencies. As of early 2023, Tapbit facilitates trading pairs for over 259 cryptocurrencies and 23 fiat currencies. This diversity enables users to build diversified investment portfolios and mitigate risks.


Tapbit maintains high liquidity in both spot and derivative markets, offering leverage of up to 150x. This allows users to engage in various trading strategies, including day trading, holding, and hedging. Tapbit’s strong position in terms of liquidity is evidenced by its consistent presence among the top 10 exchanges on CMC’s website.

Order Types and Trading Fees:

Tapbit supports multiple order types to cater to different trading strategies. These order types include market orders, limit orders, trigger orders, stop-limit orders, and take profit/stop loss orders. The platform is renowned for its low trading fees, particularly during highly volatile market conditions. Users can enjoy spot trading fees as low as 0.1% and derivative trading fees ranging from 0.02% to 0.06%.

KYC Requirements:

Tapbit streamlines the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, making it easier for users to get started. Users only need to provide an email address and password to begin trading. This low barrier to entry has attracted a substantial user base, particularly privacy-conscious users.

User Reviews:

Here are a few testimonials from real users:

I enjoy Tapbit’s fast trading speeds, especially in highly volatile markets, ensuring I don’t miss opportunities.” – Thomas Bourn

Tapbit’s security system has always made me feel at ease using it. User’s digital assets receive reliable institutional protection, eliminating concerns about fund security.” – Terry Jaramillo

Tapbit’s CEO, Lucas Galvão, stated, “Tapbit’s mission is to provide users with an outstanding digital asset trading experience. We are committed to continuous innovation and platform enhancements to meet users’ needs. We prioritize users above all else, offering a secure, simple, and efficient trading environment that allows users to easily participate in the digital asset market. We appreciate your choice of Tapbit, and we will continue to strive to provide you with the best trading services.

In summary, Tapbit exchange has gained attention due to its regulatory compliance, security measures, user interface and experience, comprehensive range of products and services, diverse selection of digital assets and trading pairs, high liquidity, various order types, low trading fees, and simplified KYC requirements. These advantages have made Tapbit the preferred platform for numerous cryptocurrency traders.

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