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Tap Into the E-commerce Boom with Jotform Store Builder

Tap Into the E-commerce Boom with Jotform Store Builder

E-commerce as a share of total retail sales has grown steadily for decades, but the shift to digital channels has accelerated over the past two years. Analysts expect that growth to continue: according to eMarketer, online retail sales will increase from $4.2 trillion in 2020 to $7.3 trillion in 2025.

The e-commerce boom is a great opportunity for small businesses to sell online — but only if they have a digital store that delivers a modern shopping experience. Customer expectations have changed along with buying habits, so businesses need online stores to take the friction out of finding and buying products.

Most small business owners don’t have the time or in-house technical expertise to create their own fully functional online store, and they’re reluctant to give e-commerce platforms a cut of their sales in exchange for a digital storefront. Now there’s a new option: Jotform Store Builder.

Start Selling Online in Minutes

Jotform Store Builder is a no-code, drag-and-drop tool that empowers small businesses to create online stores in minutes with zero technical skill. Businesses can use their store to sell products, book services, collect orders and receive payments through over 25 supported payment gateways.

Absolutely no coding is required — just drag and drop to create your online store with Jotform’s free, intuitive app builder. Brand your app with your logo, choose your color scheme, create your own unique URL and add functions with more than 70 widgets. Customers can visit your store via desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Jotform Store Builder makes it easy to impress customers with photos of available items, descriptions, and relevant purchase options. Jotform Store Builder also makes it simple to include a search bar so customers can explore everything you have to offer.

Deliver a Great Customer Experience Every Time 

With Jotform Store Builder, you can simplify the shopping experience with familiar shopping cart and “favorite” functions. Customers don’t have to create an account before making a purchase, so they can check out quickly, which removes a major sales obstacle.

The secure online payment function lets you accept payment directly through your store via more than two dozen trusted payment gateways, including Square, PayPal, and Stripe. Jotform is secure, PCI compliant, and does not charge additional transaction fees for collecting payments.

In a world where customers want to know exactly where their order stands, Jotform Store Builder allows businesses to streamline customer service with a “track order” function so customers can check the status of their purchase. There’s also an option to contact the store owner to resolve issues or ask questions.

Manage Orders, Promotions, and Reports All in One Place

Jotform Store Builder orders are kept secure in Jotform Tables, making order management a breeze. You can view orders in your preferred format and create custom reports. You can also promote your store via links or QR codes and embed the store into your existing website, including WordPress sites.

Jotform Store Builder is great for retailers, restaurants, nonprofits, and any business looking to expand with an e-commerce storefront. The e-commerce boom is on, so if you’re ready to tap into it, Jotform Store Builder is for you.

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