TangoChain Projects to See the Blockchain Gaming Sector Thrive With a New Console

The TangoChain project has announced the introduction of new gaming consoles into the market. The gaming consoles will have a link to both the project and other blockchains. Players will also earn through the Play to Earn feature that rewards users for their participation on the network.

The most outstanding bit about TangoChain is its fast and economical nature. Also, unlike projects like Bitcoin associated with massive energy consumption, it is environmentally sustainable. TangoChain plans to forge fruitful partnerships that will see it thrive into a Third Generation Blockchain.

TangoChain Presents the Gaming Console

Tango is proceeding a step further to claim dominance in the gaming industry through its unique gaming console. It has a native connection to various blockchains and the Tango native network.

In addition, it has a natively integrated wallet that uses a user-swappable encrypted chip. The console is a plug-and-play game, similar to previous generation gaming consoles, allowing users to gain technical experience.

Furthermore, the console presents players with access to the complete catalogue of games. Its Android operating system is an added advantage as it can run many games available in the market. Users can then convert them into Play to Earn through simple implementation. This feature applies to millions of games developed by A+++ producers and Indie game creators.

Focus on the Gaming Sector

The global pandemic has been an undeniable boost to the gaming industry despite its negative effects. While the larger global population remained on lockdown, most turned to online leisure activities, including gaming.

As habits changed with a tremendous shift to internet-connected devices, gaming found its roots in the common populace. Not only did it offer a way to kill time, but it also presented a pathway to communication and earning; in turn, the PLay to Earn sector grew.

TangoChain is taking advantage of this factor to thrive among its peers in the gaming sector. Moreover, it differentiates itself from other platforms in the blockchain industry primarily through its high specialization in games.  

Another distinct feature of TangoChain is its Proof of Game algorithm that saves a lot of computing energy, making it sustainable and efficient. When users log in to their game, they secure the network and, at the same time, receive rewards for doing it. Hence, TangoChain has a substantial positive impact on the environment.

Advanced Gamification Mechanics

Behind management of In-Game Assets lies the ERC-2324 protocol, an evolution of the ERC-1155 multi-token standard. 

The ERC-2324 enables Tango to create a secure and robust collection of NTFs that can then be grouped. Tango can further combine native connections to modern gaming consoles, exchanges, mergers, and NFT evolution.

Such will give birth to advanced gamification mechanics enabling developers to focus on one thing: creating their next masterpiece.

Rewarding Players

TangoChain is incentivizing its Play to Earn feature by rewarding players with the protocol’s native token, AGO. Here is a breakdown of the AGO tokenimics:

  • Seed Round 5%: (25% TGE, 3 month lock & 24 month linear vest)
  • Strategic Round 5%: (15% TGE, 3 month lock & 18 month linear vest)
  • Private Round 5%: 5%  (15% TGE, 2 month lock & 12 month linear vest)
  • IDO 5%: Unlocked
  • Advisors 5%: (25% TGE / 24 month linear vest)
  • Team 15%: 22,500,000,000 – 7 years vested
  • Liquidity 30%: Unlocked
  • Development 20%: (0% TGE / 60 month linear vest)
  • Rewards 10%: (0% TGE / 60 month linear vest)

Besides rewards, the native token allows users to pay fees on the platform. Moreover, investors can purchase the token to gain governance rights and participate in voting. TangoChain’s roadmap spells out forward-thinking events its community should expect. The most eye-catching is claiming a position among the top 3 blockchains in the industry. Without a doubt, the great functionality the team has brought about will propel the project towards the goal.

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