Tango Launch Valentine’s Day Card Auction On Their Live-Stream Platform

Tango Card Auction

Tango is bringing a whole new experience into social media as the platform known for specializing in live-stream broadcasting empowering content creators, celebrates the holiday of love with a special Valentine’s Day NFT-like Tango Card auction. Users of the platform can trade their cards on the platform’s newly-launched Marketplace, with a portion of the revenue going to the personalized card’s creator. The Valentine’s Day auction began on February 10 and runs through Valentine’s Day, February 14. 

Our Valentine’s Day auction is a great way for fans on our platform to show their favorite broadcasters some love,” says Uri Raz, Tango’s CEO. “Buying a Valentine’s Day card is a fun way to celebrate the holiday and a great way to stand out among a crowd of fans. It’s also potentially a chance to turn in a good profit—you never know how big your favorite streamer may turn in the future!

The social media space has expanded over the years, with several platforms emerging to enable content creators to interact with their fans through live streaming and other mechanisms, ultimately contributing to their brand-building significantly. However, a majority of the available platforms do not reward loyal users looking to build their brand or their fanbase, which is where the Tango team, led by Uri Raz, aims to make a difference as substantiated by Valentine’s Day Card Auction.

Tango is designed to enable all users to earn by creating, buying, and selling NFT-like Tango Cards through the new Tango Card Marketplace. This is in addition to buying coins to send as gifts to their favorite broadcasters, known as “Livers.”

Tango Cards can be minted, just like NFTs, which allow users to earn profits through the Marketplace. The platform is designed to empower users to interact with and support their favorite Livers, with the cards enabling fans to stand out from the crowd while supporting their favorite Livers. The Tango Card Marketplace has launched a special auction in celebration of Valentine’s Day, with users buying their favorite Livers’ card and/or selling their own Tango Card. 

Buyers of streamer’s card will also receive another special Tango Card that can be gifted to the Liver during their stream. The cards also serve as a form of notification when their fans join the stream of their favorite Liver. Users can also sell the cards on the Marketplace, a move that benefits the previous owner and the creator, especially when it increases in value.

The Tango Card auction is part of the goal of the social media platform to empower unique-content creators to build a profitable personal brand through live-stream broadcasts. Tango users support content creators through micro-transactions, buying coins through Tango and using them to purchase gifts for creators, who can redeem them for cash, with the platform celebrating the first Tango-made millionaire in December 2021.

For more information about the Valentine’s Day NFT-like Tango Card auction and other initiatives by Tango, visit – Tango can also be found on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram.

About Tango

Tango is a B2C platform for live video broadcasts. Based in Mountain View, California, the social community gives creators (Livers) a space to share high-quality live-streamed content accompanied by a live messaging chat to build a digital economy that fosters social connections and fan monetization. Tango was founded in 2009 by Uri Raz and Eric Setton as a mobile cross-platform, cross-network, messaging application before transitioning into live streaming and distributed over $130 million to more than 200,000 Livers worldwide in 2021.

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