Take Your Fitness Business Online With Sean Garner

While the end of strict quarantining and self-isolation might be in sight, the ripples from a global pandemic reach much further than diligent mask-wearing and zealous hand-washing. The very fabric of our day-to-day lives has changed. People are working from home, home-schooling, having social connections over Zoom—expecting everything to be delivered straight to their living room through the convenience of a screen.

Business owners need to keep up with this changing demand, or be left in the dust. Luckily, fitness business coach Sean Garner of EntreFit Coaching is here to help you tap into the lucrative online market and take advantage of the booming new audience to grow your business to the next level.

After being in the industry for over eleven years, Sean has taken his experience owning  and developing gyms, bootcamps and functional training facilities—including a luxury, multi-million dollar fitness concept in Miami that exploded in popularity under his leadership—and converted it into an impressive online offering, including the 6 Week Sweat Off Men’s Health DVD and app, the successful fitness app The Playbook, and online coaching program Project DadBod.

He’s reached hundreds of thousands of people with his videos, podcasts and online platform, earning him a nod from Men’s Health Magazine as one of the Top Trainers in the World. Motivated by a desire to spend more time with his wife and children, Sean walked away from managing and operating facilities to instead focus on creating digital revenue streams.

Now, he’s offering his expertise to fitness professionals looking to do the same. Sean is passionate about teaching other trainers how to diversify their offering and break into the online space. Utilising the tools available on digital platforms to leverage explosive growth towards a six-figure income stream, Sean’s helping his clients avoid trainer burnout and create a life of freedom for themselves.

But creating an online fitness business from scratch is no small feat, and that’s where Sean’s coaching comes in. He works with clients to guide them on creating their own business and brand, including giving them insider tips and tricks on standing out from a crowd of influencers and digital marketing know-how, while also showing them how to implement systems to grow and scale the business. He offers guidance on time management, goal-setting, finding dream clients, and tapping into the mindset of an entrepreneur, which is crucial to the success of any growing business.

In today’s day and age it’s not enough to have just a personal profile on Instagram. Offering training and coaching to your fitness clients through a digital platform can take a local business global, and reduce the pressure of delivering training in real-time. For gym owners and personal trainers who are finding they’ve maxed out their in-person potential, Sean’s online fitness business coaching will guide them towards digital best practices that will allow them to flourish in the new online arena and take their impact to the next level.

With a 60-minute business growth blueprint available completely free on his website, why not get in touch with Sean now for a step-by-step guide to creating, marketing and growing your very own online fitness business today.

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