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Take A Look at The Guide to Hiring Remote Developers

In a fast-changing environment and rapidly growing technology, remote working has become more popular as the manifestation of work flexibility. This phenomenon is rising in the IT sector, which can lead anywhere with developers. Hence, many companies can not stay away from remote work, particularly those that need talented developers to support IT infrastructure for established businesses. 

So, if you want to hire remote developers for your company, here are some steps to hiring remote developers that you can look at. 

Create Job Description 

Before hiring remote developers, you need to create a job description. It should be explicitly detailed so the candidates will know the description of the role that the company is looking for. Here are the points you can put in: 

  • Use straightforward, professional job titles such as Full-Stack DevOps Developer, Angular Developer, Full-Stack Java Engineer, etc.
  • Pen down a detailed description of expected experience levels and responsibilities to take care of. 
  • Put the role in the job description that will be similar to the job title. For example, Angular Developer. 
  • Mention all the required technical skills and soft skills. 
  • Clearly mention the project name or the company’s goals.

Looking for Candidates on Multiple Portals 

After creating the job description, look for candidates on multiple remote portals by posting the job listing. Publish the hiring information on multiple portals or channels. You can post through outsourcing agencies with online job boards such as, indeed, LinkedIn, Glassdoor, etc. You might post in several freelance marketplaces, like, Upwork, etc. Last, please post it on the company’s social media channels.

Screening the Remote Candidates 

Screening time will be conducted if you have gained the applicants’ documents. Before joining the next step, you can screen their documents like their resume, CV, or Cover Letter. You can find potential candidates through the screening process. 

Soft Skills and Technical Skills Interview 

Interviews certainly can not be thrown away from the hiring process. This process will help you to find the right candidates that suit your job. There are soft skills and technical interviews for hiring remote developers. 

Soft skills interview mainly focuses on the candidate’s personality, self-value, and attitude towards the job. The interview pervades several soft skills, like work-life balance, flexibility, time management, communication skills, etc. 

Meanwhile, the technical interview will review the applicants’ technical abilities, including their experiences, technical skills, past projects, past roles, problems solved, and the excuse to choose one technical solution over the others.

Pair Programming Test 

To ensure the candidates, the pair programming test will help you to find the right candidates. This test will run between the technical head and candidates to work together. A company can evaluate the candidate’s technical skills, such as coding, commands on different tools, and problem-solving.  

Offering Job 

The final step is making the offering to the chosen candidates. Companies usually offer a trial period and commit salaries to remote developers. After evaluating the performance, the company gave an extension to continue working. 

Hiring remote developers has benefits in many aspects, such as reduction of expensive costs, easy talent pool access, flexibility, time efficiency, etc. Moreover, cost considerations and company needs are the things you have to think of before choosing to hire remote developers.

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