Take a dive into an entrepreneur life: Anthanasia Moncrieff

The world is changing quickly, and so are the scenarios of working, living and adapting to the challenges of our lives. At the same time, there are some people who turn to the world with empathy and great compassion. On the other hand, there are others who turn out to be the oppressors and don’t contribute to the positivity of the world.

Thankfully, there are more compassionate people around us helping each other in the community and bridging the gaps between people from privileged classes to the less privileged ones. Our leading entrepreneur, Anthanasia Moncrief, has proved her metal in the world of business, building better lives for the people of our community and making sure to have contributed to the world in the most efficient and effective manner.

Nasia Moncrief_ nickname as she is commonly known, is a leading entrepreneur from Philadelphia and a person who showed great interest in her education and excelled in her academics. On the other hand, she always had the passion to take a deep dig into the world of real estate. And when she begins working as a part of the community. She learned the importance of bonding with people and bridging the gaps in communication.

No matter it is about striking the deals of the real estate world or when she chooses to work in a restaurant, she turns heads for all her customers. With her sheer dedication and hard work, she made sure that she turned the tables in her favor.

When she was employed at the restaurant, she managed most of the operations at work and managed staff members and their meetings to ensure a smooth flow of work. However, she moved from one profession to another, giving her wide chances of learning and exploring a world full of opportunities.

Her entrepreneurial debut came to us in the form of her cleaning company, Prominent Cleaning; she put all her efforts into getting a brand reputation for her company. And after the launch of the services, people were eager to acknowledge her set of skills and expertise.

Nasia Moncrieff is an individual who worked tirelessly to establish her mark in the industry of real estate, cleaning company and even as a restaurant manager. Gaining diverse professional experiences behind her back. Because her ultimate goal was to reach out to people and remove hurdles from the lives of those who have been suffering at the hands of humanity.

No matter whether it was about homeless people or there are victims of domestic abuse, Nasia Moncrieff raised her voice for all those who were subjected to violence and deserved a better life.

To her, the main aim of her efforts and working for the social cause came from her times when she grew up in Philadelphia, where she learned about different people, their caste, creed and most importantly, their social inclinations. She was happy to be part of the state, which shaped the way she is right now.

It is important to note that the diverse set of career choices that Nasia Moncrieff made during her career formed her into the individual she is right now. And also enabled her to see things from a bigger perspective. The biggest goal in her life is to safeguard the rights of oppressed women, homeless people and those who are in search of help.

To Nasia, the biggest sigh of relief comes to her when she contributes positively to the lives of others and brings about positive change in their lives. The bar of living also raises and gives you a world of opportunity to work with your community and its members.

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