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Tagir Sitdekov biography

Tagir Sitdekov Tagir is an economist and senior executive with deep expertise in the field of investments. He was born in 1976 and grew up in the capital, where he received his first degree. The Tagir Sitdekov biography has been characterized by the implementation of major investment projects since the late 1990s, and he has worked for several leading global companies. In 2021, he received a job offer from the top management of one of the country’s largest financial-industrial groups. Since then, Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema has held senior management positions in the company, and he has been the president of the corporation since the summer of 2022.

Tagir Sitdekov

Tagir Sitdekov

Sitdekov Tagir: Educational foundation

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich studied economics at the Plekhanov Academy (now a university). The school is known for its approach to training programs that produce highly qualified experts and practitioners who are prepared to manage businesses of various sizes.[1] The faculty includes experts with impressive experience in finance, economics, management, and marketing. Tagir Sitdekov received his degree from the Plekhanov Economic Academy[2] in 2001.

Tagir Sitdekov received a Master of Business Administration degree 11 years later when he studied at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business. By this time, the Tagir Sitdekov biography already included leadership positions in a number of large investment companies. The university has developed a program for top managers that teaches them how to find non-trivial solutions to complex management tasks. During his time there, Sitdekov Tagir Alievich deepened his knowledge of how to increase companies’ capabilities and productivity. He also received new tools for formulating effective approaches to sustainable enterprise development and increasing management productivity. Tagir Sitdekov, whose professional biography currently finds him in this field, successfully applies the knowledge and skills he has acquired.

Tagir Sitdekov: Investments and energy

Tagir Sitdekov recalls that he has been acquiring practical experience in business development since his student days. The Tagir Sitdekov biography as a future investment market expert and in-demand manager developed steadily over the years. Before taking leadership positions, he worked in ordinary positions in large companies, learning by experience and developing the necessary skills.

Sitdekov Tagir started out providing audit consulting services to enterprises from the mining and fuel-energy industries at one of the leading companies in the international consulting market – PwC (the company currently has offices in more than 150 countries with more than 325,000 employees on staff).

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich began working in the field of investments in 2001, having studied economics. He was offered a position as a consultant at the major Austrian investment bank Creditanstalt. The company specialized in providing commercial and corporate services, with a focus on attracting capital to large companies in the global financial markets.

Sitdekov Tagir has been building his managerial career since 2003. His successful experience as an advisor to energy company managers on the development of energy enterprises led to him taking a position as the financial director of a large thermal power plant in the south of the country. The Sochi Power Plant was built for the needs of the 2014 Olympics and remains among the industry’s most modern facilities.

The Tagir Sitdekov biography was directly involved in solving efficiency issues for energy enterprises just a few years earlier, and he took on a number of important activities at the new energy facility. His responsibilities have included formulating and implementing the Sochi TPP development strategy, risk management, and financial planning issues. Under Sitdekov Tagir Alievich, the first stage of the thermal power plant was successfully implemented when two combined-cycle power units were commissioned.

Tagir Sitdekov handled all the managerial tasks assigned to him and then returned to the investment market. The top manager has consistently led the implementation of a number of major investment projects for more than 10 years now. The Tagir Sitdekov biography then became connected to a large commercial corporation that unites industrial enterprises and financial institutions.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema was invited to take up the post of the managing partner of Sistema in 2021. In his first year, he oversaw several projects, including the development of a federal network of private clinics and pharmaceutical business. In the summer of 2022, he was appointed the president of the corporation.

Tagir Sitdekov’s responsibilities today include both the operational and strategic management of the corporation. He works on the implementation of Sistema’s long-term concept of sustainable development and focuses on improving the quality of life in the areas where Sistema’s portfolio assets operate. The best available technologies are being put to use to minimize the impact that enterprises have on the environment, and Sistema is increasing its involvement in addressing serious issues facing society.

Sitdekov Tagir: The expansion of Medsi

As the managing partner of the corporation, Sitdekov Tagir Alievich supported the regional expansion of the network of private clinics, which has been part of Sistema since 1996. In 2021, a deal was made to acquire more than three dozen Dialine and Promeditsina medical centers in Volgograd and Ufa. Also, in accordance with the development strategy implemented by Sitdekov Tagir, a new clinic was opened in Rostov-on-Don – the first in the Southern Federal District. Thus, the number of Medsi medical centers has increased by a third.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema also facilitated the network’s further development in the capital region. Sistema announced the launch of five “close to home” clinics and the Medsi Clinical Diagnostic Center (CDC) in Schelkovo, near the capital. A year later, an outpatient cancer care center was created at the Schelkovo clinic, where patients can receive a diagnosis and treatment within the compulsory insurance system.

Under the leadership of Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema, the experts from the private medical network share their experience treating cancer with colleagues from neighboring countries. At a conference in Kazakhstan in early March 2023, the company’s oncology service presented advanced approaches to the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. To detect pathology in the early stages, Quick Help Clinic centers were launched where patients can undergo express diagnostics and receive results within an hour. In 2022, more than 6,000 patients with different types of cancer were treated at Medsi oncological centers and more than 2,500 surgeries were performed.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema also led the Medsi subsidiary in opening a multifunctional medical center in the capital, combining a clinical-diagnostic center, round-the-clock and day hospitals, and a high-tech surgery center. More than 8 billion rubles were allocated for the project.

Tagir Sitdekov AFK Sistema also launched the SmartLab laboratory network, a major investment for the corporation and its managing partner. The newly created clinical-diagnostic laboratory has the capacity to conduct about 20 million highly specialized examinations annually.

Sitdekov Tagir Alievich also supervised the opening of a children’s hospital in Otradnoye. More than 1 billion rubles were invested to open the pediatric care center, where young patients receive outpatient and inpatient treatment, undergo rehabilitation, and also receive medical support at home. Medsi also launched its Multifunctional Medical Center a year later (in 2022).

The Sistema portfolio company was also the first in the local private healthcare market to launch a platform ensuring the transition to electronic documentation.

Tagir Sitdekov: Developing the pharmaceutical business

Tagir Sitdekov was responsible for the development of Sistema’s pharmaceutical and biotechnological pursuits. In particular, he oversaw the international expansion of Binnopharm Group, and under Sitdekov Tagir Alievich’s leadership, six offices were opened in neighboring countries. By 2023, Sistema had launched the production of its own branded drug – the antispasmodic Neobutin – on the territory of Azerbaijan, which helped strengthen the corporation’s positions in the promising CIS markets.

Tagir Sitdekov’s systematic work to increase the production capacity of Binnopharm Group enterprises means more medicine can be produced within the country. Thus, one of the company’s main factories increased its production by a quarter in 2022, up to 64.5 million packages, and launched the production of 13 new drugs (including vital and essential medicines). About 70 new products are planned to be introduced in 2023, to be exported to a number of countries of the Eurasian Economic Union, as well as to Uzbekistan and Moldova.

Sitdekov Tagir helped secure Binnopharm Group’s position as the lead supplier of medicines to neighboring countries. The manufacturer already exports its products to 14 countries and is now considering opening offices in China as well.

Sitdekov Tagir’s work on the concept of development for Sistema-BioTech, another of the corporation’s portfolio companies, allowed it to strengthen its R&D activity. This particular asset of the corporation is developing new biotechnological drugs for the treatment of socially significant diseases. It recently created 12 types of innovative medicines. For example, in early February 2022, Sistema-Biotech presented FORPASS (Forced Protein Association), its own technology that helps to block the growth of cancer cells and purify patients’ blood plasma of the protein that determines the development of atherosclerosis. The effectiveness of the advanced technology has already been proven in experiments at the cellular level and it is currently being tested on living organisms.

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