Tactile Indicators Suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Qatar

Tactile Indicators help in the movement of those who are blind and visually impaired. It is used to establish a unique guidance system on the ground surface combined with the environmental parameters to help and direct visually impaired people with guided orientation. They look like individual raised studs installed or glued in the form of the paving units on the ground surface.

Eminent Tactile Suppliers

Eminent Tactiles is one of the leading exporters and manufacturers in India delivering major types of Tactile indicators including warning tactile indicators and directional tactile indicators. With years of experience in the manufacturing and export industry, we have been direct suppliers of excellent quality Tactile Indicators in the UAE. All of our Tactile Indicators are:

  • Easy to Install
  • Come in Various Options
  • Budget-Friendly
  • Various Design Applications
  • Excellent Quality
  • Secure

What are Tactile Indicators Used For?

The primary objectives of installing Tactile Indicators on the ground surface are:

  • It gives the pedestrians who are visually impaired or blind information on the direction and warning of hazards.
  • It leads the pedestrians to identify public access facilities such as stairs, lifts, crossings, escalators, and ramps.
  • It is installed for the public transport facilities at the edge of the platform or stations such as trains, buses or trams.
  • Not only does it provide great assistance on orientation, but also safety and independent access for the entire community.

In short, Tactile Indicators assist pedestrians with limited vision to detect the ground surface and help with a safe, dignified and independent orientation.

Tactile Indicators Manufacturer

Eminent Tactiles are one of the few countries in India that are in the business of manufacturing products used for the betterment of the visually impaired community. We specialize in the international supply of tactile indicators that are quality-driven, purposeful and compliant with international as well as Dubai Standards of manufacturing. We are majorly into two types of Tactile Ground Surface Indicators (TGSI) supply:

  1. Warning Tactile Indicators
  2. Directional Tactile Indicators

Warning Tactile Indicators

Warning Tactile Indicators are popularly known as Hazard Tactileor or Decision Tactile. As the name suggests, the warning tactile indicators work like a stop sign and their main function is to warn the pedestrian about the hazards in the line of travel and alter them to determine the nature of the hazard before moving forward. However, these tactile indicators do not indicate what the hazard is actually.

They are installed as the raised grid pattern of studs on the surface of the road determining nearby hazards for the visually-challenged individuals and pedestrians. Warning Tactile Indicators are installed both at the top and bottom surface of escalators, ramps, stairways, and tactile pavements. At Eminnet Tactiles, we warn tactile readily available in pre-cast concrete in a wide range of colours as clay pavers or natural stone on demand.

Directional Tactile Indicators

Directional Tactile Indicators, also known as Leading Tactiles, offer directional guidance in open spaces. Moreover, it designates the continuously accessible routes to avoid hazards and also offers directional orientation who deviate on the continuous path allowing access to crossing points, public transport access points or entry to a public facility. If a turn is encountered the tactile paving reflects the change of direction.

They are installed in a series of raised bars lying parallel on the walking surface or fixed in the parallel direction of travel. Basically, it is intended to safely lead the visually impaired pedestrians on a pathway that is free from hurdles and will end at the pad of Warning Tactile indicators. We supply pre-cast concrete and clay units of directional tactile indicators to our clientele across the globe.

Difference Between Warning and Direction Tactile Indicators

Warning Tactile Indicators Directional Tactile Indicators
Determines the nearby hazards Navigate continuous direction to avoid hazards
Do not determine the nature of the hazard Encounters the change in direction


They are raised stud-like or ‘dot’ structures They are strip-like structures installed in parallel direction of the pathway
They function like a stop sign They are intended to lead the orientation of of the accessible route to be taken


Tactile Indicators Supplier in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Qatar

We are recognized as the best international Tactile Indicstore Suppliers in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Qatar. With a few years of establishment, we have gained worldwide popularity as the leading Tactile pavers and suppliers due to our quality products and services that includes:

  • Fast World Wide Delivery and Service
  • Direct Purchase from Manufacturer
  • Premium Grade Tactile Indicators
  • Proven Technology Products
  • Integrated Tactile Pavers
  • Wholesale Specialized Suppliers
  • Quality-Checked Products Complaint With International Standards
  • Cost-Efficient Tactile Solutions
  • Reliable Customer Support
  • On-Site Installation Service
  • 100% Secure
  • Product Warranty


What type of tactile indicator is best for my project?

Our polyurethane and stainless-steel tactile indicators are hard-wearing, tasteful solutions that can be installed both indoors and outdoors including on new and existing surfaces.

Eminent Tactile consultants are here to advise on the most suitable tactile indicator for your project. Contact us for more information.

How much do tactile indicators cost?

Depending upon the project requirements, material, shape and integration Tactile indicators vary in price including the substrate they are installed to. Eminent Tactile provides discounts based on bulk quantity orders.

Why use tactile indicators?

People who are blind or vision-impaired generally place more emphasis on information received via other senses. Pedestrian facilities will be able to assist people who are blind or vision-impaired with their orientation using tactile indicators that create a contrast between the walking surface and the surrounding environment.

Why choose Eminent Tactiles for tactile indicators supply?

As a leading manufacturer in India, we wanted to become a part of suppliers who can be helpful to the visually impaired and rely on audible and tactile sensory information for independent directors on the roads. With the mass supply chain of excellent quality tactile indicators and tactile installation solutions in Dubai and across the globe, we facilitate their independent mobility and orientation.

What are tactile indicators made of?

Tactile indicators can be made of different types of materials including precast concrete, polyurethane, stainless steel, ceramics and rubbers. As long as they match the specifications of relevant dimensions and international standards of manufacturing they can be made from any type of materials that standby rough pathways and environmental conditions.

Stainless steel, thermoplastic polyurethane and brass are best suited for making tactile indicators because of their UV-stable and corrosion-resistant properties.

Does my project require tactile indicators?

Tactile Indicators are generally overlooked when the architecture plans are being drawn. To avoid the last-minute hassle for CPU ( Certificate of Public Use) tactile indicators can be very useful. In general, scenario, if there is a potential risk of collision or tripping hazards, it can be avoided with the help of tactile indicators.

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