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Tactics to Improve Customer Service

There are various actions that can be applied to increase consumer trust and loyalty. If your business is small or medium, sometimes it is not necessary to invest in a call center to understand the users.

If you have finally decided that your business from the leap to e-commerce is important, pay special attention to customer service, as it represents an opportunity to interact directly with your audience, listen to their comments, needs or challenges, solve them, and so on. to improve their products or services.

There are various actions that can be applied to increase consumer trust and loyalty. If your business is small or medium, sometimes it is not necessary to invest in a call center to understand users, a good option could be to use social networks as the best ally to serve this area.

Here are some other tactics you can take to deliver quality customer service.

Invest in Various Communication Channels

It is important that customers have different channels to contact you. Taking this into account, one option is to create profiles of your brand on the main social networks and monitor them constantly. Another good measure is to maintain an online chat, at least during business hours, but you must be careful because this is a channel that requires exclusive dedication and people who have very good training .

It is recommended not to take a long time to respond to comments received on social networks, as users are used to immediacy and delays can affect the customer experience and be counterproductive.

Perfectly Know the Product or Service

When a customer comes into contact with a company, he wants to be attended by someone who knows and understands their needs perfectly and of course knows the product or service and can offer solutions. If you decide to hire a customer service team, you must ensure that the staff is trained to answer any questions, they must know the product or the service, the company, and never show insecurity or lack of knowledge.

Know the needs of your customers

It is also important to identify the main reasons for negative comments or complaints and to always have logical and calm responses ready for the angry customer . Having arguments or solutions prepared, will speed up customer service times and will generate / restore trust in the customer, which greatly benefits both the business and consumers.

A conversation in which the main exchange consists of apologizing to the client will leave the consumer with the feeling that there are great weaknesses in the company. Instead of resorting to apologizing for the inconvenience, we advise you to be friendly and offer solutions.

The objective is not to leave the customer with a bad taste in the mouth, but rather with the possibility of improving the relationship with their brand. All companies have problems at some point, the difference is in how effective and quick to solve them.

Take advantage to make discreet sales

Once doubts and potential problems are resolved, you can carefully try to sell other company products or services. Try mentioning something like “By the way did you notice the latest promotion on our website.”

It is important to be careful when doing it, since if it is not done in a subtle way, the trust obtained thanks to the solution of the problem will be lost and the perception will be given that the only interest, above all, is the sale.

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Take advantage of the data collected during the claim

The information received in a claim is pure gold that will greatly help the growth and improvement of your product or service. Whether the claim is valid or not, in an online customer service you have to analyze the causes of them and prevent them from happening again.

If you can solve the inconveniences that consumers may have when buying online, you will have clients who will trust your brand, recommend it, and even be ambassadors for it. Never forget that most disgruntled customers don’t bother to complain, they just stop shopping on your site.

Every interaction with your client, whether it is for something positive or negative, is an opportunity to take the relationship to the next level and create more affinity with the brand.

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